Rubba Rubba

This weekend was going pretty well. I had a track meet with our girls indoor team on Friday night that went pretty well. But running coaches should know that us throwers never do well with stop watches. After the meet I headed up to my parents house to help them  out with any last minute Christmas prep like moving tables and chairs and what not. Stuff they can hire an Ox to do, but instead they had a son.

All week there has been threats of a huge storm coming for the 215 and points south. DCMDVA was going to get the most of it, and my folks who are normally socked with the stuff were going to do alright with just a dusting. School called off the Boys indoor T&F meet for Saturday, so I had the day off at my parents to get my work done, do any of my holiday shopping, and hang with members of the home team.

Saturday at my parents was like any other slow moving Saturday, but according to twitter, Philadelphians were already digging out very early in the morning. NEPA on the other hand was bone dry.

My dad and I used the good weather to our advantage and did all of the moving and lifting that is required to throw a proper Engleman Christmas party. After that was done, it was time to get all of my Christmas shopping done.

I accomplished that with the deft of a Ninja. I darted from store to store, acquired the targeted gift, and dashed off to the next avoiding the dreaded pre Christmas shopping rushers. The reason why they are rushing is because they do not have a plan. Ninjas always plan. They also dress for the occasion.

Most of the ninja shopping mission was accomplished with zero precipitation. The only problem was that this shopping Ninja ran into a trap….a deep one….Harbor Freight! This place is like crack for tinker minded dudes. I swear if they put a strip club next to one of these places, it would be the most succesfull booby bar anywhere. Guys are powerless when in the clutches of the Harbor Freight store, so any diversion would work great if placed just right.

Once I escaped the trap with…I am not kidding….A 350lb rated hand truck, a box of earplugs, and a bullhorn, I was ready to complete the mission….just now there was precipitation to foil my plans. Too bad smart Ninjas drive AWD cars! I got back to the parents abode with my mission accomplished for the day, and without incident or accident.

I snapped a few pictures of the house all lit up with a fresh coating of snow.

The next mission for the night was to hang out with Carrie. She is a wife, mother of two great little girls, and a life member of the home team. I was getting her out for the night. We were going to head off to a show, and then to the bar to have a good time out for the night and see some other friends who were around for the holiday season. I picked her up late as normal because I was taking my time on the roads. There was not much snow, but what we had was slippery.

We were doing fine on our journey and then it happened…I went around a curve on some ice, and my car just started to slide….and smashed into a curb. As soon as it hit, I knew I either needed a new tire, or a new axle.

We called AAA and my folks to let them know what happened. Carrie and I had to laugh, because we are vets of a 14 hour AAA debacle, but that story is for another day.

The tow truck came really quickly to pick up my car.

It drove, and the wheels spun, but considering the tire was pushed back into the wheel well, the only driving it did without making the rubbba rubba sound was in circles. That was not going to get us home. My brother in law, and whole family were very supportive of the whole debacle. Rob my brother in law was willing to come out to help a ninja out and get us back to our dojos. Carrie and I decided to call it a night. We just added another story to our crazy experiences together. I hope when her kids are twenty or thirty and asking how do you know “Uncle” Pat?, she will have another story to tell them.

2 Responses to “Rubba Rubba”
  1. patricia says:

    did i tell you yet what a wonderful writer you are?

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