The long day after

Why can I not stay asleep past 6:30, when in reality, I need to wake up even earlier to make it to work every day?

The morning after Christmas at Casa De Engleman Familia. always looks like a bomb hit. My mom successfully feeds, waters, and clean up after an army of folks that come through the door to celebrate the good time that the holidays bring.

In the last few years, the lady and I have been splitting Christmas day between early christmas gifts at her parents house in the bucolic farmland of central New Jersey and an early afternoon furry of gift wrap at my parents house in the wonderful, but rust-beltesque North Eastern Pennsylvania.

There have been trips in deep snow, but yesterday was just a relatively warm, albeit foggy drive to NEPA.  We exchanged gifts with the immediates, and helped prep the house for the onslaught.

We have the first round of folks that come around 2 or so. They include, but are not limited to all of my moms brothers, sisters, spouses, kids, and all that come along with them. That is always a good time, and in reality there are not many of them and the day has some fits and spurts but it pretty smooth for most of the day. We eat, talk, drink and repeat for quite a while. People come and go, but a core group remains for the duration.

Yesterday the core group besides the immediates were my two of my uncles (at the end of the table with the brown and maroon shirts). At one point in the day I offered to go get them a beer, and they refused because they were “leaving soon”. Two bottles and some aluminum for us to recycle later, they decided that it was time for me to take them home. Needless to say we had a ton of great laughs for the day as they go back and forth with each other and my dad like the car guys from NPR. Somewhere along the way, my cousin and his ever-growing brood of children came by to remind us why Christmas rocks. I know it is cliché, but there is nothing like seeing kids rip apart gifts on Christmas morn.

Later in the day (between around 5 and 8pm) there is a lull where we are down to that core group I talked about earlier. After 8 is when my dads considerably more numerous side of the family and most members of my “home team” show up. The night gets louder and louder with laughter, spirits, food, and memories. The “home team” usually hides in my old bedroom to avoid the rest of the crowd. This year was listen to Pat’s dumb jokes, and have him tell some stupid stories of things he did when he was younger to some that had witnessed those crazy times. There is something about being in a room with folks that have about 200 years of total experience of your shenanigans. Here is to next year!

2 Responses to “The long day after”
  1. pj says:

    So glad I got to spend it with you!

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