I’ve Seen you Up. I’ve seen you down

A few months ago, the lady let me know that one of our favorite bands, Black Train Jack, would be playing a “reunion” show of sorts. When we were teenagers, I remember spending a ton of time listening to these guys, and when their big New York City band would come to my po-dunk town, it was a huge deal, and everyone would make it out.

I remember one time running off the field after a football game and tossing my gross gear in the locker and putting on my clothes to get to the show, just to see these guys in time. No need for a shower. I was going to be dancing my ass off as soon as I got there…broken arm and all.

Fast forward a few years later. Some of the guys from the band have a new band, that I become very friendly with. We end up developing a great bond and friendship over the last ten years or so. One of the members of the band inadvertantly introduced me to my lady friend!

This band has been around my life since probably 1995 or so, and some of the members of the band have become part of our extended family, so we had to make it out to this show.

I was not happy with the date of the show, considering it was slated for the day after Christmas about 3 hours removed from where my family celebrated the holiday.

We loaded up the lady’s new whip (2009 Honda CRV) and headed from My folks to hers, and then the rest of the way “down the shore” My part of the drive in the morning was not all that bad, but the weather got really bad later, and the lady had the misfortune of driving to the shore in pouring rain and high winds.

She piloted us successfully to the ocean. The crazy storm made the ocean crazy, and despite the freezing temps, gail winds, and rain…I still made my way out to check out the ocean. I am not a huge beach fan, but the ocean still amazes me to no end. You feel really puny when standing next to that thing. If you don’t, you need to see someone about that, because man is it powerful.

We got in line outside the club and were trying to shield ourselves from the awful weather. We ended up standing behind the singer of another one of my favorite bands., but with the wind, I could really care less.

We finally made it in the door, and met up with some friends. We caught up with old friends and talked about the holidays with bunches of oldies but goodies. When you have stuck around the “scene” this long, it is like one big happy family. It is great to still know that you can walk into a club and be embraced by freaks like yourself.

We waited through the opening bands, and then BTJ was up. I am obviously biased, but they killed it. The sounded like it was still 15 years ago, and I felt the same way to a certain extent. I stood mostly still till the first guitar note of the second song. I bulldozed my way past some poor unsuspecting souls and was able to survive dancing and singing along through Guy Like Me, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. Def. on the top 10 list.

I spent the rest of the set being the dorky 15 year old singing along up front, or getting down with my old slow self and sweating it through dancing with the other old heads.

As always when I go to these shows, it is important to me that even though it is 15 or so years after the first time I saw these bands, friends who were there then, are still standing right next to me, which just makes me feel great.

I found a few videos on Youtube of the show. Sorry for standing in front of these and blocking half the stage with my big head. next time just tell me to move! At the end of this video….the two knuckleheads yelling “We’ve still got the edge” into the mic is Jaybird and me.Yes….we still do!

After the set we got to see some more old friends, and then we hit the road high on good tunes, back to Central Jersey to go back to our regularly scheduled lives.


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