I think I may have lost one.

I think I am still shivering from my Single Speed Mountain bike ride today. I went out to test out some gear, and based upon the temperature that I left the house at, I was fine with no shoe covers and shorts to go along with my wool jersey and winter gloves. I know that just looks funny, but I did not want to overheat in my new jersey. Four hours later, after the sun was all gone away, and the day had turned to night, I could have used that extra protection.

I rode a decent loop of the Wiss. I took a loop that has a good amount of climbing because I was on my single speed and wanted the good workout. I also wanted to go mostly downhill on the way home.

I take this trail all the time, but it is much different when it is more or less frozen. With the ground like it is now, it is fast and tacky, but the rocks that generally slip out of the way, just hit right back with a chip (get it?) on their shoulder for all of times you pushed them off the trail in the summer.

I was on one of the more technical downhills where there is a nice little jump near the end that I normally hit and get a few style points on. Due to the fact that my tires were still at low pressure for riding in two feet of snow, my only jump style points came from staying upright when my rear tire totally washed out. Have you ever felt the tire just roll off the rim? Well..I did today! I thought for sure It reseated itself until I got to the bottom of the hill and looked back in horror to see like 4 inches of tire rolled off the rim with the newly free tube expressing its freedom and about to burst and break my eardrums. Luckily my Ninja reflexes allowed me to get the air out of the tube and helped me avoid an auditory assault on my sensitive ears.

Low tire pressure and big dudes don't mix.

The rest of the ride was not that eventful, except for the few minutes of fear that I may have to get a toe chopped off because of frostbite. Did you know….As the sun goes down in the Winter, it gets cold as balls for parts that are more or less exposed to wind? Well good…because I did not either. I thought wearing cycling shorts and no wind covers was a good idea while  trying to beat the last light like it is early May. The pain in my toes was enough to make me think of buying shorter socks in the future due to the lack of a big toe. Some wiggling of the piggies got them back of the positive side of cold and saved my ride and my toes.

Besides getting out for a ride on one of the last days of the decade, I also wanted to test some new stuff out. For Christmas, the lady friend gave me a wool Twin Six jersey. I also got a pair of Endura Strike Waterproof Gloves from the shop Pollyanna

I guess the jersey could go first.  It was too warm to wear it the other day, but with temps in the low thirties and high twenties, I thought it was perfect to give it a shot. The jersey is dead sexy right out of the packaging. I am a fan of plain, so this jersey suited me well. I got the XXL size, and I would say that it is true to size for any XXL in the bike industry. I had just enough room to be comfy, but it fit like a jersey should. I wore a defeet undshirt tank top under it to avoid the “ichies” from the wool.

I felt just at the right temperature for the entire time with the jersey. It took a little bit of getting used to at first because you are not used to that much wind coming through and I am not sure if this would be the best jersey to wear on a road ride at such a low temperature, but I am sure it will be fine a few degrees higher.

The jersey really moved well while riding, and did not feel like it rode up at all, which can be a problem for us clydesdales. I can not say I felt warm, but I was not cold. I was at a good temperature for the ride I was on. I did have a bit of sweat on my lower back, that dried up pretty quickly once I was done climbing.

My only issue is that the openings for the three pockets was not very wide. I carry a small camera case, and a roll up tool kit in my rear pockets on winter rides to avoid riding with a camelback, and I really had to struggle to get these cases through the pocket openings.

Sure I was wearing a base layer, but the stitching from the large 6 on the back, and the detail on the sleeve was not really noticable.

This is from the T6 site. I did not turn around and drop 80lbs.

Over all I would wear this jersey for most of my rides, and I really look forward to spending a bunch more time wearing it.

The Endura gloves were “Free”. The cost me a night of hanging with the bike shop family and the cost of buying a sweet bullhorn for the gift exchange. The site says they cost about 29 pounds. Check your local bike shop for US pricing. I needed an extra or new pair of gloves, so I was able to trade the coffee that I would never drink for a pair of sweet gloves.

Yes. I am wearing shorts on the 30th of December in Pennsylvania. I would regret that later! The gloves are a size large, which is around what I normally wear. I have short sausage like fingers which makes fitting in gloves challenging anyway. Endura is not exactly known for being true to American sizing, but these are maybe the proper length for a large, but they are not sized for a large width hand.

I guess it is due to these being a bit longer than I am used to, but  the palm reinforcement that is shown above did not fall over my palm at all, and was a bit too rigid to really be really comfortable. I would rather have a reinforcement that was split on the palm. The padded part of the glove near the heel of the hand was not really noticable, but I am sure you would find it quick when it saved your paw after an unplanned dismount.

I felt that there was a good deal of wind protection. My fingers were never cold while I thought that I may come outta the woods with one less toe due to frostbite.

The only downside that I felt was that the gloves did not really allow my hands to release much moisture. I had to do a trailside repair, and putting my hands back into wet gloves in freezing temperatures was not my idea of fun. The hook and loop on the wrist strap held well and was plenty generous for my sized wrist. There is also a tab to pull the gloves on and make them very tight. It might bother me while wearing a short sleeve jersey, but I doubt I will ever need to wear these gloves while wearing short sleeves no matter how bad my style sense is.

2 Responses to “I think I may have lost one.”
  1. epicmoonflower says:

    I have seen your “camera case” and it is not small. No wonder you thought the pockets weren’t big enough. I have shoe boxes smaller than your camera case.

    Why not carry your camera case in your fanny pack?

  2. surlyrider says:

    Listen here…I was carrying my point and shoot thank you very much. You didn’t mind the camera case when you were drafting off of it or holding on the handle as you were drug around the Texas hillside.

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