Sweatin all the ladies in the biker shorts

The original line is def. not work safe, and might get me in trouble, but this works for this post.

There was a good chance of a chill weekend at the homestead, but that got changed shortly with a bunch of cool events and parties coming up for the weekend. One I have heard rumblings about for the week was the lady’s only gold sprints that were put on by the PBMA up on 11th st. Luckily our boy Salty Snacks had an opening upstairs that we were able to check out before heading to the third floor to see the gold sprints.

If you are not familiar with gold sprints, they are really a classic winter sport for cyclists. There is a fixed gear bike on rollers. The front wheel is also fixed so you don’t have to worry about shooting off the front and into a crowd of people. The race is head to head over a fixed distance. The first person there wins. It is a balls (or whatever girls use) to the wall sprint. The whole thing is broadcast on the wall by a projector, or back in the day actually had a spinning pointer to show the progress. Pretty awesome event especially for a cold winters night.

There were tons of couriers, wannabes, commuters, ex-riders, and some ladies that fit in to all of the above categories. I saw some ringers in the crowd that I knew could throw it down, but some of the other ladies I have not really seen around were really stomping on those pedals.

The ladies were really going at it. There were some that obviously have sprinted on their bikes more than others, but they have more guts that I for getting up there.

I really think I am going to try to get on for the next race. I think my sprinting chops and my gigantic legs will serve me well.

We ended up leaving because I had to get up really early for a track meet and there were some really moronic dudes throwing jello shots around the room. I get having fun, but there is just some really idiotic and cowardly things to do, and this is one of them. I did not want to ruin the vibe by breaking someones teeth just to remind them not to be an idiot, so we hit the road.

How could you ruin a vibe when there is this much fun going down?

Check out my Flickr page for more pictures from the event.

Thanks to Bicycle Revolutions, Fabric Horse, REload, Cadence, for sponsoring the gold sprints.

2 Responses to “Sweatin all the ladies in the biker shorts”
  1. epicmoonflower says:

    Why don’t we do anything fun like this around here?

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