Send aid to Haiti by registering for bike races?

It looks like Mike and the other folks at High Speed Cycling are up to their old and even added some new tricks. Can we say cyclocross relay? Holy hell that is going to be fun. Anyway, In an email that was blasted to those folks who had the guts or that lack the self preservation gene that is required to come to, let alone race some of these events, Mike dropped some new race gems on our summer calendar. I “raced” in the Marysville relay last year, and I think it was my low point in my cycling life. I realized that I lost so much fitness because of my own laziness and the work I was putting in at graduate school, I knew I had to work for something greater. That and the fact that Mike wanted to show how much he hated us by making the course one of the hardest ones I have ever ridden, but I had one of the best times I have ever had hanging at the farm…and I broke my bike!

This post is not about Marysville, or really about me at all, so just check out the list of events, and take advantage of signing up early for these. You can save enough money to fuel your car to all of these races and help out with Haiti earthquake relief as well. If you register for the following events, Mike is going to donate anywhere from $5-$20 for each registration received by the end of the month. He is doing a sliding scale of donations, so the more expensive race is going to get the greatest donation! WOW! Register for your races, save money, and donate to Hatti relief all at the same time. Why are you still looking at this post? You should be clicking HERE to go to bikereg to register for these awesome events.

April 3, Sat – THE OPEN MTB Relay Also known as International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe Including the Anti-Matter One. (There, That Should About Cover It.) You should do this, it is super fun – in large part because a bunch of 14-16 year old beginners can beat the pants off a team of semi-pros.  Also because there are costumes.  Of course we kick off the MASS season too!

May 13-16, Thu-Sun – Endurance MTB Training Camp featuring the Trans-Sylvania Epic Preview.  Scheduled perfectly to help you peak for the TSE or to prepare you for the summer of endurance racing, check out this new camp.

June 25-27, Fri-Sun – The Rassin’ and Festival Wknd. Somehow or other we’ve been doing this for like 7 years.  It just keeps getting better too.  Solo and Team Stage Race format including team racing in STXC, MASS 2x Points for the weekend GC, XC Running Stage Race all new for 2010.  9 hour solo/team this year. And you can reg for just one event or two or all three.

Aug 21-22 – Sat-Sun – 50 Rattling Miles (Sun) is joined in 2010 by a 25K Rattling Run on Sat for our All Shook Up weekend of endurance sport racing.  We’re bringing back the Open XC race too for those of you not interested in banging out 50 miles of super stellar trail – you get about 17 miles of it instead!  We’re contemplating messing around the start location too, more on this to come on the site.  And feature a MASS endurance race again.

Sept 12, Sun – THE OPEN ‘Cross Relay – think THE OPEN MTB Relay, but on cross bikes on a cross course.  So, completely different, but the same!  4 riders, 4 hours, handicapped so we have absolutely no idea who is going to win until the very bitter end.  Actually its not that bitter, pretty yummy really.  BTW, this is the first event in the MAC this year! (for team points).  Location TBD…maybe the farm…maybe somewhere else.

HSC – reg is up on or on (hint, those would be the running races) for all of the above (including the TSE) and information will be coming on the site at

I am excited for many of the events that he has coming up, but I really want to do Iron Cross this season.

Lastly, Iron Cross and IC Lite are back in the mix too.  Mike co-promotes those bad boys with YBR and Mr. Mark will surely have reg for the Longest Cross Race in America (should be said with a booming voice) open in the not too distant future since he is way on the ball with this stuff.  If you haven’t done Iron Cross before you should make it a priority in 2010.  If you think it’ll ruin you for ‘cross check out Gunnar Shogren’s article in Dirt Rag for some perspective.  By the way look for something special this time around (and I wish every event offered something like this) the date for Iron Cross this year? October 10, 2010…X.X.X.

Seriously how awesome do these events sound? Mike and the crew really bring the feeling that off road cycling had back in the 90s when these races were fueled by burritos and craft beer, not the piss and vinegar that we find out on the courses these days. I think Mike has time penalties in place for people being idiots or running the good time.


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