Really Philly?

I live in a neighborhood that is sort of less than desirable to some folks. To me it is home for now, and has been for a few years. I live in a neighborhood called Cione by some folks, Eastern Kensington, Lower Port Richmond, Upper Fishtown, etc. For those who know the city, we call it Port Fishington. It is bordered by Aramingo Ave to the west, Richmond Ave to the East with Lehigh and York Ave marking the Northern and Southern terminus points respectively. All of the major roads mentioned have bike lanes on them. Lehigh’s bike lanes are used mostly for parking. Aramingo’s are usually mostly clear of parked cars , but do have a chance encounter with glass or a car door looming after every pedal stroke.

Richmond Ave

As pictured above, Richmond is simply insane due to the fact that Columbus/Delaware Ave dump into Richmond where it starts and there is also an entrance to I-95 off of Richmond. Further complicating the traffic issues on this stretch of road is that Girard Avenue ends at Richmond street and brings its trolley tracks along on their northern sojourn to where ever trolleys go and the Girard avenue traffic does not understand what a stop sign means.

Luckily, after many many accidents and all sorts of issues, the city finally decided to put a stop light in at the intersection of Girard and Richmond. They also added an extra lane to the road, so that the north bound Richmond traffic could have a lane and those that turn earlier (my hood) have their own lane, which should reduce the fender-benders that happen there all the time. I am all for the improvements to the intersection, but with the change in the road, they did this to the bike lane…

Bike Lane Fail

You can see where they tore up the paint to make the new lanes, but did not re route the bike lane. There is a wide shoulder, but considering that there are often trucks parked there, I am not sure how safe it will be to ride in that lane. This should be a major consideration because this is part of the Pennsylvania Bike Touring Trail.

I will give the city a few days to make some changes before letting them know about it, but come on Philly, lets just finish the job!

Amendment: I got this message from @bicycleambassadors > I sent your post to one of our advocacy people too, and she forwarded the concern to Charles Carmalt, bike/ped coordinator for phila. Good work. Lets see a real change here!


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