From managing funds to managing fun

After I left City Bikes when I moved back to philly from Virginia, I spent the longest stretch I have ever had away from the bike industry. I was not working in a shop, riding as a courier, really racing all that much. It was a big drop off from what I was doing before and what I saw my life becoming. I was sort of bummed out, and wanted to be back in a shop experience like city bikes, but without all the silly DC stuff that is involved with it.

One day I was looking for bike stuff on Craigslist and I found an ad from a shop that I was familiar with, but had not visited in a while just due to distance from my house. They were looking for new staff for their second store that was not quite built yet. This was the perfect chance for me to get back in the bike shop world and develop a new location like I did with the Chevy Chase location of city bikes. This felt like the right fit. When Brian called me at about 8am the morning after getting my resume and said he wanted to schedule an interview, I knew I had my guy.

photo: Curt Hudson Philadelphia Business Journal

My interview was on my brithday in the shell of a building that had electrical wire hanging down, displays from the previous business broken and covered in dust. The roof was leaking on the broken table that Brian, Jordy and I were standing around. This was home and I knew it. I spent the rest of that summer working like a dog trying to get this place off the ground and I spent the next few years working every free moment I could to make sure this place was a success. I believe in that place, and I feel that myself and my family were included in the Keswick family as well.

I was really happy when I saw the tweet announcing the feature on Brian in the Philadelphia business journal. He has worked hard and sacrificed a bunch to be in the position he is in today, and to be recognized by a business rag is not where many bike shop owners can find themselves these days.

Read the article about Brian and Keswick here. Follow the shop on twitter @Keswickcycle

Do what you love. It’s a cliche, but I look forward to coming to work every day and meet people who love what I love. I’d like to think we play a role in making them more fit and happier, and that we help the environment. I’m lucky. Brian Hackford

One Response to “From managing funds to managing fun”
  1. patricia says:

    “Do what you love” ~ my new mantra!!!

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