David, Ray, and Chuck

So after bothering the right people I was able to secure a way into the David Byrne talk tonight at the Acadamy of Natural Sciences.


I just wanted to get in the door and didn’t care if I had to stand in the corner the entire night. Bothering the right people will get you some cool stuff sometime. I ended up getting VIP acess for the night. I am kind of excited as hell. I have never really been a VIP for much. The closest I get to being VIP is working a show and checking passes to go into the VIP area. I hope I am not a dope and do not trip over the cheese tray and knock some dip all over David. I have even debated a ton on playing it cool and dressing conservitve and looking “smart” or just going as I normaly would to something like this. I will let you all know more about the night later tonight or tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am heading off to Ray’s Mountain bike park in Cleveland. I am so excited. I packed my bags last night. This is like Christmas for me. I hope that we have decent weather getting out there. I plan on shooting a million pictures, taking a ton of video and riding my butt off.

Sure this may be a bit late for most of you, but if you are looking for a great ride before we have some stupid white stuff on the ground check this out. It is a great workout, and quite the specticle to see them ride around up there.

Some of you may know that tonight is the start of the annual points race series. The points race is a much-beloved training ride held around the 1km loop at Mount Pleasant Mansion. Don’t know where it is? Click here. Tonight there will be 25 laps, with 5 sprints. The ride is gear-restricted, meaning on your own honor you do not go into a bigger gear unless you are unable to keep up with the rest of the ride. If you aren’t able to keep up following the gear restrictions and so go bigger, do not sprint. That is cheating. The restriction is 70 inches, or your 39×15 (little ring, and probably three clicks easier from the hardest gear on your cassette.

Important things to note is that this is not a sanctioned ride. No team is in charge, and you ride at your own risk. Here are some of the following guidelines all riders are expected to follow, at risk of social sanction and ostracization:
• There should be no contact between riders. It is easy to knock  someone off of a bike so why bother.
• Please outfit your bike with a rear red light onlyl if you have a  front light do not use it during the ride. Your rear light should be  on steady, not flashing mode.
• The first lap of the evening is always a neutral lap and is not  counted in the lap count down. Ride it *together*
• THIS IS IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS TO COUNTDOWN. IT NEEDS  TO BE REPEATED BACK THROUGH THE PELOTON SO EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT LAP WE  ARE ON.  IT MAKES IT SAFER THAT WAY. With each lap all riders should  yell out what lap we are on (i.e., “4 to go,” “3 to go,” “2 to go,”  “Sprint lap”).
• The first corner of the course on to Reservoir Road is a neutral  corner, do not attack in it or just before it. Be safe going through  this turn and call out if any cars are coming.
• After each sprint regroup by soft pedaling or coming to a near stop,  if you are at the front of the pack. If you are off the back don’t  soft pedal or come to a near stop. Catch up to the rest of the group  quickly so the workout can continue.
• Regroup neutral area ends at turn 1 (Reservoir Drive). If you do not
catch on by that point you have been dropped, soft pedal and wait for  the group to lap you to get back in, do not contest the sprints for  the remainder of the ride. Rather build your endurance and technique  by learning to sit in on the pack.
• The golden rule applies, viz., don’t be an ass.

The ride begins at 6:30.

For more info contact Charlie

Have a good night and I will update you all soon on my night with David and my weekend with Ray. You should og out and ride with Chuck.

2 Responses to “David, Ray, and Chuck”
  1. Dave says:

    The point race series sounds awesome as does Rays’ park. Hope the turnpike is good for you coming across the state unfortunately, it sounds like you picked a sh*t weekend to travel.

  2. patricia says:

    have fun aNd be safe!!!

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