Front row center


I keep the cursing to a minimum on this thing but holy shit. I just sprinted from 15th and Samson to make it here on time. I pulled my best Reggie bush with my lowpro camera bag as my pigskin and the doddaling highrise workers as my defenders I ran down my pavement Superbowl field avoiding being struck by cars and peds with the thoughts of Philly bike world VIP swerling the bow of my 6 o’clock deadline. I made it here, made a bathroom break to avoid any embarrassing moments that may endanger my VIP status or scare the crap out of David or the fellow VIP-ers. I.already don’t belong I don’t need any funny sounds or smells jeopardizing this New found status. Here I sit front row center, blogging to avoid talking to the other beautiful people (that’s what you do when your a bigtimer. Try it sometime.) I still have like two hours to blow it. Wish me luck.

2 Responses to “Front row center”
  1. patricia says:

    this is too freakin cool… and i never curse LOL

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  1. […] few real journalists and some other muckety mucks. You can read all about my sprint to the Academy here, I spent the first few minutes getting adjusted to my status and tying to take some notes on what […]

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