Cervélo Cycles Night at Cadence

Back in my City Bikes days, we would have reps from all sorts of brands and from all over the country come and run seminars with us. We had a minimum of one a month if not more. It was more than the rep stopping by, it was a real class for the night. Complete with beer, pizza, and some vendor provided Kool Aid for our consumption. These poor reps would have their presentation dialed, and they would have studied their product and all of the stuff their brand managers and sales directors told them to make sure we knew, and then they would run into the buzz saw of over-educated bike shop workers. City bikes seemed to foster the over-educated bike nerd.

Pat and Jesse DCCX 2008

DC itself tends to have too many over educated folks wandering around, but we had quite a few. I remember one particular night Jesse and I would net let the rep from brand X off the hook for some stuff he said that was totally wrong. Jesse studied physics and music at Standford and I taught physics at the time. The brand X rep made a few crucial mistakes as far as physics goes, and from then on, nothing he said had much merit. I felt bad for the guy and I think Mike apologized for his crew being so tough, but this episode and a few others got us a name around the industry. It is a good thing to be the shop that you better know your crap before you walk in their door. We would call you on it no problem. That got us some really cool hookups and test parts along the way.

I tell you all of this because as I sat through a Cervélo seminar at Keswick, I knew that Cervélo had all of these ads during the TdF of dropping all of this weight on their forks, and them bouncing back, but I didn’t totally buy it. I thought back to Jesse and I feasting on these guys, and how I would love to have him here with me right now. The problem was, when asked about those tests and what they prove and other tests that they run, this guy knew his stuff, and through the entire seminar, I gained a new respect for Cervélo. I understood that this is an engineering company that happens to make bikes. These are not a bunch of bike junkies with some sheets of carbon, these folks know their stuff.

With that said, if you are interested in bike design, buying a Cervélo, or just want to eat some free food from Cadence, join Cervélo Cycles and the Cadence Cycling & Multisport team on Friday February 26th from 6 to 9pm for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a presentation from Cervélo on how they have engineered the most sought after bikes on the planet. Learn about the Cervélo TestTeam, aerodynamics, carbon fiber, and bicycle design. Joining Cervélo in presenting industry leading products will be Castelli and their new Body Paint shorts, Zipp, and CycleOps all of which are being used by the Cervélo TestTeam in 2010.

I really wish this were another weekend and not the same weekend as NAHBS.

One Response to “Cervélo Cycles Night at Cadence”
  1. epicmoonflower says:

    My next bike will be a Cervelo. They just feel like nothing else. I wish it was another weekend too.

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