Bike Mojo

In the early 90s there were all sorts of dodads to put on your bike. There were purple anodized parts, peace sign canti cable carriers and lots of loud paint and splatter paint designs. There were also all sorts of things like rubber lizards, eagle feathers, and other random bits that were hanging all over our bikes. They were termed Mojo. I don’t know if this is a lost “art” but I take my bike mojo seriously.

There are rules to bike mojo that must be followed for the bike gods to work in your favor. If not followed, they will not be happy.

The Bike Mojo rules that I subscribe to are simple:

1. The bike mojo must be found by the rider. The rider can not purchase mojo. It looses all power if it is purchased by the rider.

2. Mojo can be purchased by a loved one and gifted to the rider. The rider can give hints to the mojo they like, but the rider can not tell their loved ones what they want.

3. The mojo must remain on the bike unless removed by natural means or accidental removal.

4. The mojo must be of minimal financial value, but must have deep personal value, or then it is just extra crap hanging on your bike.

Here are some pictures of my mojo:


Jack is a replacement mini Jack O’ Lantern that the lady got for me. I loved my original Jack so much, she found a new one for me. The original one was lost somewhere along my travels. I found the original one somewhere out at Schafer Farms in Maryland some October a few years ago.


Barbie is on my single speed MTB. I played Santa Clause for my Mom’s store. She wanted to pay me, but I refused. I said she could give me a gift and that I had my eye on Barbie for a long time so now she lives on the seatpost of this bike. One arm and everything I still love her.


The long horn was a gift from Jenni to commemorate our trip to the LiveStrong Challenge in Austin. I had to modify it a bit, and it fits really well with the gold theme of this bike. We got to meet some great long horns on the ride and it really made the ride pretty cool. I wanted to see some cacti and longhorns while in Texas, and I got to do both.

Send me some pictures of your mojo.

One Response to “Bike Mojo”
  1. epicmoonflower says:

    That thing looks so stinkin’ good there. I can’t believe it.

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