Step up to the bar.

While you are visiting the nahbs show next weekend in Richmond, you that are over 21 will have the opportunity to freely imbibe in some brews from blue moon brewery.

Between 3 and 5 everyday there will be free blue moon beer in the show hall. Make sure you bring an ID. Even though I’m not a fan of the drinka, it is a good sign that a beer exec. noticed the importance of the show and stepped up to provide free embellishments. Having blue moon (really just Coors) as the beer sponsor is like pretending a trek project one is really a custom bike. I’m sure people wont mind some free booze.

Amy Breeze, brand manager of the Blue Moon Brewing Company, said, “Handmade bike enthusiasts understand that there’s an art to crafting the perfect bike, planning the most scenic bike route and inviting the most compatible companion for their ride. Blue Moon views brewing beer as an art form as well—the perfect blend of ingredients with our own unique twist. We proudly hold up a Blue Moon Belgian White and toast all attendees of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.”

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  1. […] It seems that every day there is just more and more cool events being added to the NAHBS weekend. Everyday there will be free beer from Blue Moon Brewery. Check the details for that here. […]

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