Cross already?

So as much as I love my Raleigh Cross bike, They are tempting me with another by offering two very classic color schemes this season. It seems like these color schemes pay homage to my two favorite bikes of all time. THey are two Bontrager cross bikes. Check the Raleigh first and the Bonnie second.

Bontrager CX

The second color scheme that is proposed.

I am having trouble finding the other bonnie withe the exact same color scheme, but believe me, there is one.

Anyway, Raleigh is givning you the chance to name their new color. Go to their facebook page for more info. Thanks to CXMag for the info.

Maybe they will put the new SRAM Apex line on it. Word out of Frostbike (Quality Bike Products winter launch event, who is most likely your shops distro) is that he groupo is gong to cost $749 at retail. That would be a sweet cross set up. Word from frostbike also has Ed from SRAM (if you ever met him, he is your favorite industry insider and knows every thing there is to know about the entire industry) saying that the Avid brakes we have all be waiting for since last season are on their way.

I can not wait for the fall!


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