NAHBS Bikes, Parts, Racing, Rumors

It seems that every day there is just more and more cool events being added to the NAHBS weekend. Everyday there will be free beer from Blue Moon Brewery. Check the details for that here.

I am quite excited about a few things, but one of the pieces of equipment I want to check out is the S3X internal 3 speed fixed gear from Sturmey Archer. I have been waiting to get one of my own for three or so years, so checking them out on some bikes will be pretty sweet. I just wish I could ride it. Maybe if I am nice to some of the folks from Ingleheart Cycles, Calfeee Designs, Capricorn Bicycles, and my buddies at Bilenky Cycle Works I can ride one of these bikes around.

Chris Ingleheart's Personal Bike with S3X

Frame that Capricorn is putting the S3X on.

Chris from Velo Orange has posted a map of Tour Du Richmond. This is a great little loop of downtown Richmond. It includes Civil War Sites, (St Pauls Church, Tredegar Iron Works, Belle Isle), St. Johns Church (Give Me Liberty speech by Patrick Henry), urban fun – Richmond rapids and even the new VA Capital Trail! It is about 12 miles, and I doubt it will be a hammer fest. I am not sure of the time or place right now, but will know soon enough.

The Richmond chapter of MORE has some mountain bike rides going out the first two days of the show. There is a Friday night ride and two Saturday rides! AHH! Do I bring a mountain and road bike? Decisions decisions!  Read the info below from R-MORE

A series of group rides are happening during the North American Handmade Bicycle Show weekend. On Friday night 2-26-10 Greg Rollins will be leading a night ride out of the Dogwood Dell/Barker Field parking lot at 6pm for an intermediate paced loop of the JRPS trails. On Saturday 2-27-10 there will be two daytime JRPS rides. The first ride will start rolling at 10am and leave from the Tredegar Street Parking lot and the second ride will leave from the same parking lot at 1pm. Both rides will have two groups; a beginner friendly paced group and an intermediate paced group.

Globe, Mash, and Embrocation cycling journal have come together to sponsor an urban checkpoint road race on the first night of the 2010 Shimano National Handmade Bicycle Show (Feb 26-28, 2010 in Richmond, VA). This is a very good omen for a weekend of exuberant good times with bikes, bikers, and bike builders. And did I mention the free beer at the VIP party?

Race details and prizes: Five checkpoints can be completed in any order, with $50 cash prize to the first rider at each of the 5 checkpoints. Racers must return to the start point after reaching each of the 5 checkpoints, and before completing the next.

The first person to complete all checkpoints and return to the starting point wins a custom, hand-built, hand-painted fixed gear valued at $2,000.


Second place is $350 cash plus a $350 cash endowment to be given to the builder of your choice. Third place is $100 cash. Thanks to @belmontlovely for letting me know about that event.

There is also a crit on a NASCAR track on Saturday. Race where the Nascar events are held at Richmond International Raceway. This is a 3⁄4 mile smooth fast D shaped track. This will be one of the best racing venues in the Mid-Atlantic area. There is racing from 10am to 3:45pm. I am not sure if there is any cost to come and check it out. If you want to register, check out Bikereg.

There are some great pictures of one of the track frames that Bilenky is bringing out. I can not wait to see it built up.

Whoever this may be, sure is tall!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the show. If you have any other details, please send them along.

3 Responses to “NAHBS Bikes, Parts, Racing, Rumors”
  1. Jenni says:

    ooh, the Tour du Richmond sounds awesome, I definitely want to go on that. Oh, and any other ride that had “beginner friendly” in the title.

    Are you bringing stuff for night riding? I think I’d rather leave all that stuff at home. This sounds like SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. surlyrider says:

    I am not going to go on the night ride since I am going to the Carrytown bike party. I might go on one of the Mountain bike rides though. We will see.
    Not to be a downer….I hear there is some bad weather heading this way Thursday.

  3. Jenni says:

    The bad weather can head this way, we’re heading south. (:o)

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