NAHBS Whos Who?

So you know that Chris King and Richard Sachs do different things, but can you tell one from the other? Would you Know that you are going to talk to Karl Strong while walking right Past Chris Inglehart. When you cut in line for a free beer, did you know that was Steven Bilenky and Henry James you just stepped in front of?  If you were concerned with walking into a room of “famous” bike folks, and not having a clue about who you were walking past, I have built a brief and totally incomplete list of who you should know and what they look like. Hopefully you get to see some of these luminaries and maybe you will thank me for knowing who these people really are.

*All images are linked back to their sources, so if you took these pictures, there should be a link back.

Bruce Gordan and Chris King

Keith Bontrager

Steven Bilenky (right)

Simon Firth of Bilenky Cycles

Richard Sachs

Sacha White of Vanilla Cycle Works

Mike Flannigan

Don Walker Creater and Promoter of NAHBS

Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles

Jeremy and Jay Sycip

Mike Lopez (your carbon bike came from him) Ben Serotta

Carl Strong

Gary Fisher. Based upon the way he dresses, you will be able to find him if there.

Bike Snob

Ok That should get you some of the big guys. Anyone else that you want to see?

5 Responses to “NAHBS Whos Who?”
  1. Yokota Fritz says:

    Dude, you have the wrong photo of Don. The easiest way to identify Don is by his kilt!

    • surlyrider says:

      I was thinking of putting that one or the one of him biting the top tube, but I went for this one instead. Good to know you are looking at my blog. Will you be in Richmond next week?

  2. jd says:

    Very good. I like that Curtis Ingliss and Christopher Igleheart got condensed into “Curt Ingleheart” too funny.

    Great idea though.

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