DC to Host the Giro

There has been talk of a Classic or Grand tour coming to the states for a while now. There should be a start of the Tour de France in the US some day. Every winner has had a start in their country except for Lance. They even honored Sean Kelly with an Irish start.

Enough about the French, the Italians know how to party, and they look good in pink.

From many sources out there, it looks like there will be an announcement in DC at the Italian embassy that outlines the plans for a prologue of the Giro in 2012!

It looks like the good ole U-S of A is the place to be in cycling for 2012. We have cyclocross worlds and now the Giro. Is there any coincidence that is also when the world is supposed to end? Maybe the Euros know more than we do. We will be planning for a couple of bike races while they are working like a starving squirrel trying to gather supplies and prepare for the end of the world.

Cover your ass

I can hear them now…listen….they are all laughing at us.

Check out velonews, cyclingnews and other sources of real journalists for better info. I am just excited for this!


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