I don’t have to run day

My manic Monday was replaced by a manic Thursday. I knew that the storm that was predicted was not going to be half as bad as first thought, but I wanted to make sure that I could make it to RVA for NAHBS. After all of the hype, posts, and dreams, I wanted to make sure that I could get down to Dixie for this event.

School let out early due to hysteria about the snow. I kind of thought that they would bring us in for the day just so we did not have to make up another day this year. I bolted from school to head home to do some finishing touches on the Bilenky. I wanted to go for some rides down there, and I really wanted this bike done for that day. I rushed to get it done and was able to leave the house with all of my crap packed and the lady ready to go.

Despite the weather, traffic was perfect for most of the ride except for the mixing bowl section just south of DC. Again…one of the reasons I left Dixie in the first place. We got to RVA and started to see the bikes and bike dorks everywhere.


It is hard for them to camouflage themselves especially when there are many of them. There is no real background that will help hide a cycling cap and old t shirt or glasses on forehead and a plaid shirt, since those are generally what the bike dorkos are found wearing. I am guilty as charged. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

The lady and I checked in to our room and got situated so we could do some work. The only free interwebs were found in the lobby of the hotel. While the lady and I plucked away at our keys, the whos who of cycling milled about. There was a pretty stocked bar that had a good mix of cycling dorkos and guys in really nice suits, some people coming back from a ride to the bar, and other show folks milling about the lobby. I saw a few friends and tried to burn off some nervous energy by making plans for the next few days.

One Response to “I don’t have to run day”
  1. psj says:

    looking forward to the continuation of the story!
    love ya

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