April fools alley cat!

So RELoad bags is going to be throwing another April fools race, but it will be in May. On May 15th, and the surrounding weekend, ALL of the party will be coming to Philly.


This race is the best of the year, and one of the most fun I have ever done. This year, Ro and the crew are going to make a whole weekend out of it. There will be Goldsprints, a Track bike Trick Jawn, the race, and a big after party where there is actually food and drink…not a bunch of smelly dudes in a warehouse. As much as I love that…we are all getting a bit old.

Squid with his winners bag.

There are always sweet prizes like wheels, bags, parts, etc, etc. Check out the sweet bag that Squid has above. Think you can take one of those home? Try!

Even if you can’t win, you can witness Brutaltron throwing down all the party and getting all the POINTS! This year our crew will be in rare form and you will wish you were one of us.


Roland will put up a registration link this weekend on the RELoad bags site. Get in there.


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