Botulism, Trichinosis, and Cyclocross

Is there a better blend? If you like your roundworms and bacteria mixed with your canti brakes and knobby tires, then Spectracross is for you. I kid and don’t want to be sued for libel or something else, but with thousands of gallons of water poured on a New Jersey State Fair grounds, you are guaranteed a good time in the mud. Plus…it is cross in the summer.

Kevin Dillard getting Muddy Photo by Ryan Dudek

With the smell of livestock, french fries, funnel cake, and your dirty chamois filling the air, you can race in all sorts of different events that are mostly run by chip timing and not overseen by any “ruling” body. This is all about the fun and the fair. This year there is going to be a poker race thrown into the mix as well. You will get one card for every lap, and the best hand wins. I hope we are playing three card, because that is about how many times I will actually make it around the track. If you want to find out where to register so that you can beat me…click here to go to The registration opened today, so get on it.

2 Responses to “Botulism, Trichinosis, and Cyclocross”
  1. Caroline says:

    This is what I’m always saying about our local Alpenrose (farm) ‘cross race: all kinds of sh*t that you don’t want splashing up into your eyes and onto your lips. Just as bad when it’s dry because you inhale powderized particulate sh*t. Double ew. It’s one I won’t ride anymore. Sure, animal dung is everywhere, but never so much as at the farm or fairgrounds. That’s not libel!

  2. Jordan says:

    This race is great and the NJ State fair is great. Leave yourself plenty of time to get there though. The roads there are always backed up with fair-goers.

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