Talk with the pros

At the Endurance Sports Expo there will be a chance to have a Q&A with some of the top athletes in the endurance sports world. No matter what your discipline, you will find someone to talk to and get some pro advice. For the entry fee of $8 ahead of time and $10 at the door, you will get access to the floor to check out the newest goodies in the endurance market, but also have chance to talk with these folks.

On  Sunday at 2pm, check out one of the voices of pro cycling,  John Eustice moderating a Q&A with the following folks.

1. Todd Wiley

pro triathlete

2. Brian Walton

Olympian, pro road and track cyclist

3. Chris Eataugh

Pro mountain cyclist

4.      Jeff Devlin

pro triathlete

5. Dede Griesbauer

pro triathlete

6.      Laurie Hug

All American Swimmer and pro triathlete

7.      Harlan Price

pro Mountain Cyclist

8.      Marty Nothstein

Gold medal Olympic track cyclist and pr road cyclist

9.      Erin Hartwell

Olympian and World Champion medalist

One Response to “Talk with the pros”
  1. kennykaos says:

    haha harlans gonna be at the Q&A? i forget that he is a pro mountain biker

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