Red Bowl

After riding around all morning and checking out the sites, I came home to freshen up and head over to Red Bowl. Red Bowl was initially the Philly and East Coast launch of the SRAM Red groupo and it was used as a fundraiser for the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. Since then it has transformed and improved into a really big party that kicks off the spring cycling season in Philly and also raises some cash and exposure for all of the work that the BCGP does for the city.


This year, Specialized (Globe) threw in two of their Roll series bikes to have some roller race fun in addition to the buffet and free bowling that your $10 ticket bought you.

Good luck going to North Bowl for a few hours on a Saturday and walking away with a few games and some food under your belt. You can only really do this at Red Bowl.
Along with the hob knobbing with the Philly cyclistas, you could have thrown in for some sweet prizes from all sorts of vendors in Philly and other companies that support cycling like REI, EMS, Saris, Yoga Studios, and some local shops like Keswick Cycle and Bicycle Therapy. Cannondale and Specialized came out HUGE in offering two bikes to the crowd. That is pretty sweet.


Along with all of the great prizes, Kristin won and then donated a sweet bottle of Patrone for owning the womans roller races. Look for her on team CF this season and support her non-profit Gearing Up!


Anne Rock who is always a winner in our hearts walked away with the exact trainer she wanted. After buying the value of the trainer in tickets, and her years around the Philly cycling world, she is deserving of this.


I walked away with the fun of seeing my cycling brothers and sisters out for a great day of bowling, bikes, and beer. I geeked out with some of my favorite folks and soaked in all of the positive energy for the day. This is one of those events that makes Philadelphia cycling the best there is.
Thanks to Lee of Bike Therapy, Brian of Keswick Cycle, Scott of Bucks County Bicycles, Rachel and the PBMA, and of course Alex and the rest of the BCGP staff and volunteers for another great kick off to the spring cycling season in Philly.


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