Parkin at the Car Wash yah.

On my way home from a great single speed cross ride to the burbs and back, I took Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia back to the casa. Along the way, at a very busy section of this main city artery is a car wash.

Being a particularly pretty day after many many days of road salt, snow and other gunk building up on cars, people were quickly lining up to drop anywhere from $15-40 to have someone else clean their car. Bad economy eh?

While they were lining up, the proprietors of this business decided to break the law and place cones in the bike lane so they could form their own cue.

Other cars sit in the bike lane freshly cleaned

They even have on of their reflectively shod employees standing in the middle of the bike lane just to ensure that you have to ride into traffic to get through this block.

The bigger issue came about as I looked down the block and saw the block long cue of patrons parked in the west bound bike lane. I felt that we should have a record of these folks, so here are pictures of their license plates.

My favorites are the Prius blocking the bike lane idling the entire time and the red car at the end. He just sat there and got angry about what I was doing.

If you do not like what they are doing to the cyclist of Philadelphia, let them know.

1111 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123-3315
(215) 763-9000

4 Responses to “Parkin at the Car Wash yah.”
  1. jessefive says:

    That place sucks so much, they are always blocking the bike lane. Thanks for documenting it!

  2. epicmoonflower says:

    Did you go talk to the owner? Call the police?
    Great pics, love the info.

  3. surlyrider says:

    I have reported the issue to the police. It has been a chronic issue, but not as bad as I saw it last weekend.

  4. kit says:

    out here in sf, i have sworn to people that the writing is on the wall: if i get killed by a car it’s going to be a goddamn prius. i think the fact that i make their efficiency laughable causes them to involuntarily turn their wheel steering wheel in my direction.

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