Win $2500 for using twitter?

All day I see people trying to win computers, iSomethings, cameras, and any other sort of goodie through following something, retweeting a masked advertisement, or using a #hashtag to draw attention to something. Does anyone else think a hashtag sounds like some sort of drug reference? Anyway, with the launch of the new bikeable Google maps, Google is throwing out a $2500 gift certificate to American Cyclery. This is not one of those bill gates wants to give you a milllion for forwarding on a email chain, this is legit. I think all those email chains had that exact last line in them….Well this is worth a shot. If you are a twitter user, you can add the hashtag #bikewithgoogle to your tweets and you are entered to win the $2.5k. Click here for more details. surlyrider enterprises requires a 5% finders fee from anyone who reads this here and wins because SE never wins squat.

One Response to “Win $2500 for using twitter?”
  1. patricia says:

    not too sure about winning on twitter but in the last three weeks i won
    a 50.00 gc for a sterling stamped necklace
    a handmade necklace
    a custom birdhouse
    cake in a mug
    non slip dishtowels

    from blogs!!

    good luck ~ sissy!

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