Live Field Test

A few weeks ago, Matt of Liberty sports started to let me know about some of the events that were going on at the Endurance Sports Expo. He kept telling me that they were trying to fill some spots in something called a live field test.
Most of the live field tests that I hear about have something to do with blowing stuff up. Matt assured me that something would blow up, but along the way, Olympic medalist and cycling coach, Brian Walton would learn a ton about my riding and what I could do to improve it.
Considering my current shape and propensity for not going all that fast, I was curious to see where I stacked up and what this coach could tell me about what I got going on besides the obvious bulge in my cycling jersey.
All day Saturday I worked at the Keswick Cycle booth at the ESE but I was thinking about how torn apart I would be during this field test.
Friends of mine were coming out to the ESE for the chance of seeing my spill my lunch all over my handle bars during this test. I knew I had to put on a great show for them.


In order to do my best, I borrowed one of the best bikes from Cannondale that I would actually ride. Brian let me use a SuperSix High Mod bike that shifter with ultegra shifty bits. I did not ride the bike for long, but it was a great bike, but I could give the saddle back at any time. It was one of those carbon saddles with not much besides some urethane covering on it.

Brian allowed us to worm up on the trainers. I kind of felt at home because I have been riding the trainers much of the winter. I was also riding next to a friend and Team mate, so we the nervous chatter was a bit less awkward than it would have been with a random stranger.
Brian was talking to the assembled folks and addressing us along the way as every imaginable sensor was attached to our bikes, trainers, and computers.


With all of the jesting all day about my impending hurl, I had that in the back of my head along with being a little bit self conscious when sitting around in my fancy pants in front of like 20 folks in their street clothes. I ain’t no stripper, but I don’t think I would have the attention span for it and probably would not make much money anyway.


Finally we received the countdown and we were off to the races. We were set to do 20 minutes all out. I have a hard time riding all out unless I have something to chase so I was going pretty hard, but I think I still had something deep down inside. Brian made a comment to me after I commented on the dialogue that he could tell that I was not going 100% because I was well…talking.
I used the test to really go as hard as I could in the situation. The nine foot ceilings and the humid day did not help my respiration activities.


About five minutes in, I could not believe that we still had 15 more to go. I was really cooking along and had no water. Thank God Francis was there to take some pics and get me some water.


About thirteen or so minutes later, the Cadence folks really wanted us to go all out. I dug deep, geared up and tried to let it fly, but all that really was going to fly was my convention center lunch and some cliff bar like products I picked up along the way.


I kicked it out and kept down the lunch but I did not end how I intended. I would have been the guy that is pedaling, but just coasts across the line.
We got to look at some results and I found the my max sustained power was about 290 watts which is about 0.3 horsepower with a cadence of around 90-something.
I will talk with Brian soon and figure out what the rest of my results mean.
Cadence offers a full service training center with coaches of Brian’s caliber all over the place. Check it out

One Response to “Live Field Test”
  1. Spencer says:

    Wow. That’s a pretty sweet experience. Did they offer any advice on how to improve your riding?

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