Brompton Folding Bike Nationals

Another weekend of doing crazy bike stuff around Philadelphia. Does this ever stop? It is a good thing I think.
This weekend when you see a bunch of folders riding around the city and going much faster than you are on your fancy road bike, you will hopefully remember that the Brompton folder national championships are being held this weekend at Memorial Hall.

To participate in the ride, you better get to the race on race day and hope that you can snag one of the few spots they are going to drop on race day. Without the luck of the draw, you will stand by with your folder and watch the other 100 folder nuts racing around memorial hall.

worst photoshop ever

The race is for Brompton folder bikes only. It will have a Le Mans style start to the folded brompie and then a 6 mile loop around Memorial hall, some paths, and some urban fixtures. Oh yah…you gotta do this thing in a suit jacket, tie, and dress shirt. Shorts, skirt, or three quarter length pants are acceptable. You better not have any fancy lyrca or workout gear showing because you will be pulled.

In your folder dreams

The male and female winner get a trip to England for the world championships to be held later this year. Second across the line for both genders gets a sweet brooks saddle. The best dressed each get a really sweet Brooks messenger bag.

This is once again a really unique event and something we should support. Riding at Memorial Hall and staging a race like this is becoming much more difficult because of the Please Touch Museum’s move to the once forgotten memorial Hall. If you are going to race, it will be an amazing 70 degree day, so to avoid parking with the mini vans heading to the museum, you probably want to ride your bike. Bring a picnic because the rest of the Philly Flyer will be going on that day with collegiate and other USAC racing going on all day.


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