Fabric Horse Moving Sale

Carrie and the crew are heading back to work with the RE Load folks at their space and they are having a sale to make their moving day a bit easier.

Click on the image to read a great article about Carrie and the rest of "Bikeadelphia"

If you did not know what Fabric Horse makes, you should check their site for lock holsters, utility belts, hats, spats, and all sorts of other cool stuff. If you are wondering, yes…that other bag company you saw on Etsy or somewhere else is biting off of Fabric Horse.

Here is your invite from Fabric Horse.

We are officially moving out of the Piazza and in with R.E.Load Bags at the end of this month. Winter sucks, come and celebrate the first day of spring and help us move out of here!
-All Fabric Horse items 20% OFF or Buy 1 get 1 half off!
-The new Reload foot straps and select bags…
Bike Stand for tuning and cleaning
Fun times had by all
Also going on will be a sweet farmers market inside the Piazza….


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