Open letter to Ed Hein and the MASS series

When setting up my schedule for the upcoming very exciting and busy race season, I had two events scheduled. One is the innagural Gran Fondo of Philadelphia Aug 8th and the Guy’s Neshaminy Classic Mountain bike race on June 20th. Both are set to be great events showcasing the great cycling scene in the Philadelphia metro area. Then I started to hear rumblings of the Guy’s race changing dates. I thought maybe the school needed the location because school was extended due to snow, or maybe something else had happened. Then we find out that the Guy’s race is being changed because it conflicted with the Massanutten HOO-HA!. The HOO-Ha is a great race with a fantastic history, but it is part of a different series and in Keezletown, VA., which is almost 5 hours away. Considering that this particular Sunday is also fathers day, it is not a race that would draw many of the same folks that would want to race at Nesahminy that day. As far as I can remember, the Neshaminy race has been on Fathers day where the Hoo-Ha has changed date over many years . I understand respect in the sport, and not wanting to draw from one race for the sake of the other, but changing the date for a race that is multiple states away, is a little presumptuous about the draw of either of these races.

I am not really too concerned with the idea of changing the date, but as we know the cycling and racing calendar is pretty full and that is why we plan events far in advance and make those dates solid. Plus, it is their event, they can do what they want.

Where my concern lies is the new date that was chosen. The new date of the race is the same day as the Fondo ride. This is a ride that was also planned for a long time, and is set to draw thousands of cyclists to Philadelphia for what is set to be a great ride. It is troubling that a promoter would change a date for a very popular and well planned event for the sake of an event that is over 5 hours away and in the same breath, suck riders away from the premier of a  large event that is less than 30 miles from the start line.

Maybe for illustration, we could look at some maps.

Nesahminy to Philadelphia

Neshaminy to Hoo-Ha

The point of this “letter” is to make sure that when we plan future events, we take other events into consideration and exhaust all line of communication to find out about other events. It is unfortunate that this happened, but I would hope for the future of both races that they are able to work this out and also benefit from greater communication and planning in the future.

One Response to “Open letter to Ed Hein and the MASS series”
  1. Charles Kline says:

    Personally, I agree with you, but in this case it happens that it’s a good thing as this gives a nice 5 – 6 week lull in the MASS XC schedule; the perfect amount of time to recover from the previous few months of heavy racing and enough time to ramp up for the next few races on the schedule.

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