Obey the law with a few hundred others

I took a break from riding in critical mass when I saw a bunch of friends and fellow cyclists run over at the fateful Halloween mass sometime in the last century. I came back the next early spring but shortly riding in critical mass all together when every jobless crust-fund stinky would schedule time in their “traveling” life to come out and ride in the streets. The political protest signs and the overwhelming body oder mixed with a night that was less about cyclists rights and more about car bashing really pushed me away from the event and I don’t know if it even happens in Philadelphia any longer.
Critical mass was supposed to be a ride that was around 12mph that showed the singular cyclist can make a difference and should be noticed. What it turned into was a political rally with tall bikes and moronic anti-driver behavior that went beyond the annoying and into criminal behavior.

The BCGP is bringing an alternative to critical mass which is called Courteous Mass. On April 10th at 10am the mass will gather at the Locust Street crossing of the Schuylkill River Trail.
The ride will be about 1 hour long and should involve all riders. Bring out your grandma, the fixie freestylists, posengers, hipsters, crossers, cruisers, and bar bikers.

The rest is from the BCGP.
Courteous Mass is an effort to change the tone of recent debates about bicycling and bicyclists in Philadelphia. Bicyclists who join this ride are asked obey the rules of the road. Courteous Mass provides an opportunity for all bicyclists to demonstrate that sharing the road is a two way street requiring action on the part of all road users. Courteous Mass Guidelines:
* Stop at all stop lights
* Stop at all stop signs
* Use hand signals when turning
* Be as friendly as possible to all road users throughout the ride (bring your bells!!)


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