Win some new bikes

You know you have been drooling over a new Ti bike for a while, so why don’t you try to win one. You can do so by donating to IMBA and SORBA. Each $10 donation will get you a shot at winning a Mooto-X YBB ti frame from Moots. This is one bike that I rode and fell in love with on first spin. I think I may take a crack at it. Why not? It goes to a great cause. Keep the trails open all over. Click here for more info.

Besides showing the same three commercials and spending about 60% of their on air time killing innocent animals, VS. also brings us cycling and some other sports that no one watches like hockey. Within their cycling coverage the commercial time is something like this.

Commercial #1 Flashy background lots of yellow, some high speed and low speed camera/animation work. Then some copy in tough guy voice that is written something like “Watch Lance do something great even while just flowing along in the peloton:. Then more flashy animation and some splash at the end.

Commercial #2. Pick one here…Alcohol, Male enhancement, Prostate drug, Animal killing, Expensive car. These titles are on the outside of each of the tapes they use during the entire season, but they are worn out after the first mountain stage.

Commercial #3. Sometimes this one is skipped, but if it is there, they will have Commercial #2, just a different one than was previously picked.

Commercial #4 or #3. A montage of Bob Roll making funny faces and doing something silly like wearing a “funny” cap, or walking around like an old man in too tight cycling gear. Then the copy: “Tune in tonight for the ultra shortened coverage of the tour de/le/of “location we know nothing about here” at 8pm”.

Commercial #5 or #4 Highly charged energy intensive music accompanied by something you can not afford, have, or attain. Then copy that explains how to get this thing only for giving them all of your personal information and waiting and waiting and waiting for whatever it is to actually arrive which will happen only after a bunch of people get really pissed and the company has to actually do it Ala the Cadillac Jersey from last year.

Then back to the race or whatever. It will have the fancy splash intro to the race coverage.

This year, versus is changing their game up with a contest you can enter only once, but they will play incessantly until after the contest is actually over. You can do it through text, but they will send you something like 6 texts until you text them to stop texting you, or you can give them more info and have them sell all of your info to everyone in the free world. All for a chance to ride with Bob Roll. See the official rules here Enter the contest here.

Now what funny face can I get him to make on my ride?


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