Just Phanatical

In the past week, the visitphilly folks along with the Phillies have placed 20 phanatics around the city. Actually there are 19, since one is not finished yet. The lady and I checked out a couple of the along on our way out to get some ice cream, but there was no way to see them all. On the ride home from ice cream, I thought about a ride that I could take which will encompass all of the Phanatics on a beautiful spring day and my first real day off of my spring break.
I spent last night making a plan of attack. I wanted a decently long ride, but I wanted to hit all of the phanatic spots like I was back on the streets as a working courier. I made a loop on mapmyride.com and started off on my adventure.

My orignal loop started at the Art Museum, but since I would have to ride by the Betsy Ross house to get there, I figured I would just start my loop here. I guess you can really start wherever you please.
This guy is at Franklin Square. He is right in front of the carousel. The woman running the ride asked if I wanted a free ride because I was wearing a Phillies t shirt. That is pretty awesome.
This guy took a little bit of work to find. Considering I did this on the Thursday before Easter, there were a ton of tourists around which were trying to block my way from being a tourist in my own town. This guy is at the Independence park visitors center. Walk all the way back to where the cafeteria is, and he will be on the right hand side. If you don’t look carefully, you will miss him.
This Phanatic is one of my favorites. He sort of does have a bell shape, and the liberty bell is a great choice to commemorate once again. All of us Philadelphians love to tell the world…”Hey look….we broke something and then tried to fix it….then that didn’t work so we hung it up for you to come drool over.” I love the liberty bell though.
This guy is in front of the constitution center. I am not sure why he has gold paint dripping from under his hat, but it must have been a good night!


This Phanatic is outside of the African American museum on Arch St. He is representing the Negro League players. I am pretty sure his is wearing a Grey’s hat.


Just inside the front doors of the Kimmel Center stands a musical Phanatic. His whole back is a guitar.

The contractors and bike couriers who are “hunting squirrels” on the wall at Rittenhouse now have a Van Gough inspired Phanatic who has pictures of players of all generations glued on him.
After Rittenhouse, I made my way down Chestnut to go to city hall. After looking all around and asking a cop, a city visitors liaison and some other folks it seems that he is another city hall employee out on break, in a meeting, or being served with a subpoena. I hope to catch this rare city hall employee actually at his desk.


This guy loved the Phanatic and I took a few pictures for him on his camera, and I needed to make sure I had this character on my roll because he is a real Phillies fan. A working guy supporting his team and enjoying his day off. The players faces are in small circles and stuck to the Phanatic. It is one of the pieces that I felt was a little more high art than the rest.


Love Park Phanatic. I am not really sure what is going on with the guy, but he is definitely golden. You can find him at the back side of love park. I am sure a skater has already did a nose slide on the


This guy is standing on the steps of the free library, and he is about to take flight. The spacesuit is pretty sweet, but with the top cut off he could be mistaken for the Syracuse Orange mascot.


The Phanatic that was sticking around outside of the Franklin (Franklin Institute for those who won’t call it the Franklin yet) was decked out in revolutionary era finery complete with his specs, kite, key, and fancy hairdo. I guess he was supposed to look like someone, but I am not sure. The guys below sure had their opinions on him. They said he was too small, and then one of them said…”He’s Just Junior Phanatic!” Regardless of what they thought, this is real Philadelphia. The guy dressed in African garb playing the cow bells with the Middle Eastern guy selling food out of his stand and the South Philly guy selling bootlegged shirts all had one serious common ground and that was their love for the Phillies.


I have to admit I was a bit confused by the zoo Phanatic. I was expecting to see some animals painted all over this guy, but I showed up to see a Phanatic painted up to look like he was wearing pajamas with a bunch of words painted all over him. With a little bit of research, I found that this was actually the phanatic turned inside out. All of the words like inspiration, hope, love, joy, etc. All of those words are the feelings that folks have for this weird green guy.


Outside of Lloyd Hall (The new building on boathouse row) stands this Phanatic wearing the skyline of the city on his shirt. Such a cool idea. It is hard to tell if it is painted on, or if it was a photo that was attached to the front of the Phanatic. The true story here is the guy who is in the picture. When I rode up I saw this guy shaking hands with the phanatic. He did it a few times as I was approaching him. He really looked like he was shaking hands, but what he was really doing was shaking the Phanatic to check if it was sturdy. We had a long talk about how much force it would take to borrow one of the Phanatics for a trip around town. We hoped that our fellow Philadelphians would leave these Phanataics alone and let everyone enjoy them.


If you can get past the huge screens in the lobby of the Comcast center and all of the great food options outside, then make your way into the basement where there are a bunch of stores that are great for window shopping and some more food options down in the basement. This guy was really popular among the people visiting the Comcast shops. The little girl in the picture just stood there with her mouth agape and eyes wide open. It is just the feeling that people have around the Phanatic. I had a hard time hiding my excitement.

After I left the Comcast center I stopped by my favorite place in the city to eat…the Falafal King on the corner of 16th and JFK. Seriously some of the best falfal I have ever had. Whenever I have a weekday off in center city, I stop by for some good eats.

I knew I had to fuel up because I had an Airport run to do. I have a general idea of how I want to ride to the Airport because I have done a few deliveries down there in my day, but I wanted to take a slightly different route. I should have stuck with what I know. Not only did I get to ride down almost all of Kingsessing Ave, but I also ended up going probably 5 miles out of my way. That does not sound too bad when you are out for a ride, but these were some of the most windy miles on awful cycling roads in what feels like the middle of nowhere. What made the day worse was that I could not get to the phanatic in the airport. I guess you gotta have a ticket to ride to get into the main food concourse where this guy is hanging around. Maybe when I go on a trip next time, I will get to  see him.

I made my way out of the mess that is the airport and over into civilization again. Citizens Bank Park was next on the list. I rode around the park and could not find him. How could that be? This is where it all goes down and I can’t see em? What? I went over to the ticket office and they did not even know they existed. I showed some photo proof of the rest of them, and they finally went to check on the matter. They came back only to tell me that he is over on the first base side and that you had to have a ticket to get in to see him.

Wow that was a waste of a trip. I went all the way to the airport and CBP to see nothing. The next stop made it worth it.


The last stop on my trip was to the Independence Seaport Museum. When you go to the bottom of the Walnut St. steps and walk to the front doors of the Museum, you will be greeted by this Phanatic celebrating the Hispanic players from the Phills. The players across the front of the Phanatic are some of the great Hispanic players from the past. All around the base of the phanatic are paintings of the islands where these players have come from. Where would we have been in the last few years without our hispanic players?

If you would like to walk, drive, or ride this route, I have made a mapmyride file for it. I did not make it for speed, I made it so that you are on ok roads, and you get to see all of the Phanatics that are out there. You can see it here.

I made one initially with the airport and Citizens Bank park on it, but if you got this far you will see that it was a fruitless ride all the way out there and back, but if you want to do like 30 or so miles, you can look at that route here.If you want to see pictures of the phanatics in their studio shots, and some of the phanatics that I missed along the way, check it out here.

6 Responses to “Just Phanatical”
  1. This is amazing! Shows off our Phanatic Around Town program AND the bike-friendly city.


  2. The Philadelphia International Airport Phanatic is actually INside: in the main food court between terminals B and C. Sorry you rode all the way there!

  3. Karen says:

    I’m so glad you did this, and blogged about it! I knew there had to be others trying to get to all of them. I made it to 12 on Sunday, and it’s great to know about the rest, which I will get to eventually!

    I moved to Philly last summer and with the green guy, it was definitely love at first sight. 🙂

  4. Norma Neimeister says:

    Thanks for the great blog and pictures of the Phanatics. The one at Lloyd Hall is mine and yes, it is completely hand painted… no photos glued on. If he disappears I guess I’ll be looking for the guy in the red jacket, LOL.

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