Lube it up and throw it down.

A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me some chain lube to test out. This lube caught my eye a few years ago because of the blatant yet creative rip off of a very very popular perfume. I never picked any up, because there were not a lot of shops carrying it, and I have stuck by some Pedro’s lube for a very long time now. Once you find a lube that works for you, it is generally hard to convince someone that a new product is going to be better  or that much different than the current one they are using. I figured it was worth a shot.

The first application of this stuff was on my road bike in the middle of the winter. I followed the very detailed directions that the provide with the lube. I, being a chemistry teacher, have labs with less directions. A funny thing happened after I applied the lube, my chain became silent. How is the symphony of metals grinding that usually accompanies me on my rides has disappeared! Riding that bike sounds so much nicer now when all I end up hearing is the buzz of the king hubs, and not the constant chain noise I have heard in the past. Considering my size and propensity for changing gears under great stress and load, I almost always run through any chain protection pretty quickly. With this stuff, I have found that I do not need to reapply every ride so that I can maintain my ninja silent drive train. I have ridden quite far on the first application of this stuff and I still can not complain about any noise and my dt still sounds great.

The one issue I have with this stuff is that it stinks….Like really really stinks. It smells like chainsaw oil, which is what I thought was being repackaged and sold as this stuff, but there are a few more ingredients and the lube is a bit more viscous than chain saw oil, but it still stinks. I don’t get to close to my chain to smell it, but I can pick up on that smell even if I am just standing next to my bike. I can deal with that smell if I can ride a quiet, well protected drive train for a few thousand miles between applications.

If your local shop does not carry this stuff, they can order it through some of their distros, or you can find a shop that does.  I have a feeling that this stuff retails for about $12 for a 4 oz bottle. You don’t need a ton, so you should be fine with one bottle.

According to FCC regs I gotta tell you that I got this stuff for free. I got it from a friend who gave it to me to use, and I don’t think he even thought that I would use it for review, and he probably thinks it is still in my toolbox with the rest of my crap.


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