100 miles to nowhere.

So a few years ago, Elden (Fatty) said he was going to do a century on his rollers. It sounds insane, but that was his plan, and like most things he sets out to do, he did it. In the last few years he extended the lunacy out to the rest of us. I had not had the chance to participate in the last few years, but with a little bit of free time to fill, I decided to do it this year.

One of the points of doing this ride is to make it as ridiculous as possible. You could ride circles in a cul de sac, up and down your street, a small course in your local wooded area, or whatever you wanted to do. When looking at the date that the ride is supposed to go down, I realized that it is the same day as the Valley Prefered Cycling Center Spring Swap Meet. Is there a better place to ride a trainer for 100 miles than on the infield of a velodrome with thousands of cyclists walking by? Don’t think so.

I am going to be doing this ride with a few other fools as well, and if you would like to get in on this ride, just let me know.

If you are going to the swap, stop by our tent/table and maybe throw $5 in our bowl instead of buying that left side gum hood brake lever, or the biopace chainring you might use someday because it goes to a much better place than the bottom of your junk drawer, it goes to fight cancer with the LiveStrong foundation.

If you have never been to the swap, what a great day out with the rest of the cycling nuts. You could pick up some sick deals and bring home some new summer projects. There is everything there from brand new bikes, to antiques, to pro used stuff, to shop overstock and everything in between. For $8, you support the Velodrome and the great work they do, but you also get the chance to pick up some cool stuff for less than cost!

If you want to see what other people did with their 100 miles to nowhere, check it out below.

I think Ben is doing a great job with his 100 mile ride up in Vermont. This is a cop you would love to be pulled over by. He is a great guy and totally dedicated to his community and killing cancer. Check here for a video of his plan.

Last year, Janeen (Noodle) made a great video of her ride and subsequent Guinness in celebration.

Get motivated, and get out there to ride.


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