Classic Bikes. No REALLY classic bikes

If you find yourself in the Poughkeepsie, NY area this weekend, you should stop by the classic and antique bicycle auction that is being held in Copake, NY tomorrow. Today there is a swap meet going on from Dawn till dusk with the really high end auction starting tomorrow.

Included in this lab are fine specimens such as this Miyata mountain bike complete with aero bars and even triple butting!

You can also put your bids in on an early 90’s Trek road bike.

If you folow the link on that picture, you can see that it even comes with a rusty front brake cable, grime in the drivetrain, and a semi-stripped brake bolt. All of those are classic gorilla mechanic style from 1995 or so.

If you really needed to you could have your agent at the auction put a bid in for the best in child’s 5 speed category.

This bike has a yellowed pieplate, frayed pads, and even dryed out and cracked cable housing. Click the picture to see all of the glory.

This bike is truely a classic. The plastic pedals, the dirty/rusty alloy bars really add to the overall quality and feel of this classic. I will have to let the local delivery guy know that he is delivering chineese food on a bike that can be at auction.

This bike should appear without words. It is just so great, you can probably smell the blood from the first crash off the plywood jump out back.

The highlight of the auction is sure to be this vintage velo machine. You could sweat your love handles off on this bike while watching Designing Women then after you bore of the inside riding, you can use both the right and left handles to separate your clothes from your spouses and then hang them there for years instead of actually riding the bike.

All kidding aside, there are tons of things in this auction that I would love to have and it is worth checking out just to see the history of our sport on display. You will find some awesome ads, bottles, watches, and all sorts of stuff. This is a high quality auction and there will be folks from all over the world. Check out their site

One Response to “Classic Bikes. No REALLY classic bikes”
  1. dandqracing says:

    I love how the one mountain bike is called “Street Runner”. Someone in marketing that one was really thinkin’

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