No Typical Thursday

For almost 50 weeks of the year, the folks of the Hubbard Mountain crew ride or snowshoe the trails on Hubbard Mountain. The group meets at 5:30 and starts their roll out at 6pm on every Thursday night. This is about as grassroots as it gets with folks from all walks of life suiting up and getting down on Hubbard Mountain in Lackawanna County, Pa. The mountain and the phenomenal group has attracted international pros and local joes alike. They all pony up their $5 for some awesome riding for the night and even better pot luck afterwards. From the inception of riding out of the back of Ceader Bike shop in Dickson city to filling the barn with a professional kitchen and tons of folks every Thursday night, this ride is one not to miss.
While talking about a few ride options I had on my last visit to NEPA, Joe from Around Town Bikes let me borrow this new Hubbard Bike Club documentary for a spin in the ole DVD player.

This documentary captures the feeling of the place. This is not a crankworks or velocity video. you will not find any zip line cameras or hucking. This is a doc about good folks who are out to ride their bikes hard. There are interviews with the owner of the mountain, some local yokels, a cool sequence and interview with Jay deJesus of EWR bikes.

Maureen Mcguigan directed and produced this video that runs a bit over an hour. She interviews some geologists, psychologists and other professionals about the good aspects of mountain biking, especially in a group like the Hubbard folks.

There’s still some 30 or so DVD’s if anyone is interested. They have them at the barn and the leftovers will go to the LBS’s. A portion of the $15 goes to the Hubbard trail fund. The group will use that money specifically for universal tools that we take with us to Merli, Prompton, LSP, Moosic and Hubbard to maintain and build the local trail network.

If I were you, I would make the trip up to NEPA to go for a ride with those folks.


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