Tour de Scranton is this weekend.

This upcoming weekend, I will be riding in the Tour de Scranton. The tour is to bring awareness to the often hidden underworld of heroin addiction. The young lady, Erin Jessica Moreken, that this ride is in honor of died from a heroin overdose in 2002. Her family set up a a fund called Erin’s fund. Erin’s Fund was established in 2002 for the purpose of helping young people find and obtain treatment for their drug and alcohol addictions.

The Moreken's

Often addicts that want to find help are so deep in a financial, personal, and legal hole that finding and paying for help is out of reach. Even if the help is free or subsidised, there are many factors that prevent them from making it to treatment, not the least of which is their dependacy on the drug of choice.

I lost a few close friends to heroin over the last few years. Some have passed as a direct result, others checked out with “H” being a big factor in their early demise. I would hope that if they had better treatment options, they would still be on this side of the dirt.

Last year, the ride raised over $10,000 and I hope that this ride helps to raise a good deal of money for this fund because I have viewed first hand the havoc that this addiction reeks on the addict and their family. Just thinking about this subject makes some of my old wounds very very fresh again.

Deep Breaths and happy thoughts….they work right?

Fuck it, they don’t work. Help works. Help for the addict. Help for the family. Help for the friends. These are all that works. We can not ignore this issue. It is not junkies on the street, these are mostly middle class kids with some education and a good future that get hooked and die. That just plain sucks.

I will get back to the original intent of this post….The ride has a bunch of options including a metric century that has 3,100 feet of climbing in less than 40 miles. Most people opt for one of the other 3 options below. You will find my carcass somewhere out on the 46mi route. Stop and say hi, that is what folks in NEPA do.

Route 1 to Valley View Elementary and back (approx. 15 mi.) 10 AM Start.
Route 2 to Carbondale Area HS and back (approx. 32 mi.) 10 AM Start.
Route 3 to Forest City HS and back (approx. 46 mi.) 10 AM Start.

See you out there.

Amy…I miss you everyday.

One Response to “Tour de Scranton is this weekend.”
  1. Andy says:

    Good post. And nice to see a ride focusing on something that is often swept under the rug. We both unfortunately know this all to well. Enjoy the ride, wish I could make it. And blow a kiss to Amy…

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