Hunk of Ham Busted

Maybe he liked rhyming like the Son of Sam, but David was much more diabolical. Maybe it was the thrill of the hunt, but he did not have enough testicular fortitude to actually confront the prey. Maybe he just liked some swine, but he looks like way too much of a pretty boy to like a “low” meat like that. Regardless, Hamilton F. Smith of Bear Delaware who according to his myspace page calls himself “Hunk of Ham”, has been charged with his part in multiple blow dart attacks on cyclists, runners, and pedestrians.

This genius is accused in driving the white pick up truck that many witnesses say they saw at the scene. What police understand now is that while Hamilton was driving. some other, I am sure equally mentally and morally deficient “Jersey Shore” cast off was shooting unsuspecting folks who were out for some recreation.

While I am sure his high priced lawyer will say was young men playing a prank or boys being boys, this behavior should not be tolerated. I am sure that he will walk with a slap on the wrist, but I think he should be punished for the future crimes he will commit. When you act like this and prey on the innocent, there are usually some deep seeded issues there that need to be treated.

If you want to look at this idiot’s myspace profile check it out here.

If you want to see a video of the interview with the cyclist, check it out on the news link.

I will try to post more info as it comes along.


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