May Day Alleycat

Tomorrow afternoon the cats will meet out in Clark Park to race through some Alleys. This race benefits the Wooden shoe book store. This non profit is the hot spot for tips on beard growth, hygine without water and “traveling”. I kid…it is the best spot in the city to pick up any of your radical or left of center books. I think there is tons of more truth pouring out of this place than your local book blockbuster. This place has been holding it down for 30 years now, so check em out for some summer reading and all of the other events they have.

Your sliding scale ($5-10) donation and your racing chops puts you in line to win some schwag because with sponsors like Girl.Bike.Dog, Fabric Horse, RELoad, Bicycle Revolutions, Bilenky Cycle Works, Circle A Cycles there has to be some cool stuff.  Transient Bags is also bringing a one of a kind bag to the prize table as well.  If I am there, it looks like this will be the premier of my winter bike concoction that brought my surly crossxcheck from a 3×9 to a 1×9 with riser bars and v-brakes. I hope this thing even works, since I am going to finish it tonight!

Thanks to outofprintmag for some of the tips.


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