Bull Rider

I have always ridden on saddles that I got pretty cheap, or I just dealt with their comfort issues with a good pair of shorts and some gritting of my teeth. I am fully aware that there are better saddles, but like most people I forget about my bike seat as soon as I am off of it because other parts of the bike require so much attention. My dream would be a saddle to disappear and I would never notice it.

With my new saddle. I think I have mostly forgotten about it so far. I put the Fizik Aliante on my road bike back in the middle of the winter where most of the saddle time comes from nights on the trainer and long weekend rides. and it did what I was looking for…it disappeared. Forget the that understated look of this saddle with the black microtex cover fit in with the over all look of my bike, the saddle just felt right. When a saddle fits right, you should not even notice it.

Such an awkward picture

This saddle fits in the Fizik’s “spine concept” in the “bull” range. According to Fizik, the bull type rider is one with limited range when bent over at the waist. Bull riders are folks like Hincappe, Kirchen, Renshaw and Casar, which is not bad company to be in and I feel that I fit right in with their type of riding style maybe not in their paceline.

Under my bull type of riding, this saddle made with of a carbon reinforced shell on the Fizik K:ium rails provided enough stability on long seated climbs to allow me to deliver power to the pedals but had enough flex that on the long rides in the saddle I felt really comfortable going for a long way.

At 259g, this is not the lightest of the saddles out there, but you are going to find an enthusiast/racer saddle that is comfortable for all of the base miles yet sleek enough to ride in the weekly throw down.

Two benefits that I found in the saddle besides the great feel and look are the clip system which allows you to attach a Fizik clip saddle bag or blinky red light to the saddle without any tools or straps. The branded spacer comes out with a little pressure and your other accessories will fit right under there. As a commuter, I found the clip on light very useful because it left my seat post free of clutter. I am also a huge fan of the scuff guards on the wings of the saddle, which actually give a great place to lean your bike without chewing into the microtex cover.

This saddle is also available in white, or for a few extra bucks you can get a custom saddle from the Fizik website.

2 Responses to “Bull Rider”
  1. Nick Uni says:

    Finding the right saddle can definitely be tough. I’ve found the Fizik saddles to be awesome. I have a Fizik Gobi on both my MTBs and an Arione on my road bike. Also, a lot of people swear by the Specialized saddles because of the variety of widths available per shape.

  2. surlyrider says:

    Nick. I usually ride Specilized saddles. I am a big fan of the Phenom and was a fan of the Alias and a few others. After getting this for test, I would have to give other Fizik saddles a chance in the future.

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