Philly Cycling This Week

This is the time of year where this stuff really ramps up! One of my favorite rides goes down this week. It is a do not miss event if you ride in Philadelphia. There are a bunch of other events kicking off surrounding that race, so keep an eye here for the downlow.

TONIGHT!!!! Monday—There is a FUNdraiser for your favorite group of ex couriers, thugs, hooligans and misfits….Team Brutaltron. Roland from RELoad and Lex will be spinning the top hits starting at 9pm. There is a raffle, prizes, and I am sure someone will fall down the steps at some point. Even if you are not a brutaltroner, head over to Lickety Split (top floor of pizza joint at 4th and South) for all the fun we don’t hate Bring your $20 because Ralph of Awesome Dudes printed up some sweet posters for the event.

Saturday is one of the best rides of the year. The RELoad Maypril fools race will kick off at 2pm with a sweet ass after party going on till the wee hours. Get your squad and come on out. If you are lucky, we may let you be one of us.

Jeff is doing another night of  Cycle Sunday the monthly bike movie night at Tattooed Moms. I will be the world premier of Bootleg Sessions V4 fixed gear movie. I am sure it will be well attended due to the nature of the weekend. and the $1 PBR tallboys are likely to bring folks out. There will be a sweet schwag raffle and the movie will be on repeat all night. Be there.

Remember if you have anything that is going on in cycling in the local Philly region, let me know. I will post it up here. Till next week…


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