I am a bit cranky

New York has/had the Brooklyn Banks, San Fran has/had The Embarcadero and there are great spots all over this country for riding, but none are like Water St. in Philly. completely covered from weather, close to some good bars, and free of tourists makes this place a great place to catch some turns. There are weekly sessions under I-95 where you can catch some of the best Fixed Free Style riders from the East Coast tearing up the walls, plywood, fences and whatever else these riders want to use to hone their craft.

In honor of this East Coast fixed freestyle session spot, Philadelphia based SE Bikes has a new crank coming out for the ’11 season called the Water Street crank.

This crank looks great in gold, but it is also going to be available in White and Black to keep you rig all matchy matchy. This 7075 forged alloy crank arms and spindle will be built for an external bottom bracket set up in sizes 165, 170 and 172.5mm to provide for plenty of ground clearance and avoidance of heel strike.

I think SE made a wise choice by making the bolt spacing 144 bcd so you could use the 7075 CNC machined 45 tooth supplied ring or a multitude of other ones. Keep your eyes peeled for some of these spinners late this fall or early summer. They are not available yet, and there is no MSRP released yet, but I will keep you updated with any more info as it comes along.

These cranks fit along with teh rest of the drivetrain parts that SE has coming out very very soon. You will want to pick up some of the bubble sprokets and other parts coming outta these guys. For more info check here.

I am not really more cranky than normal. Don’t worry too much about me.

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