Only Fools Rush In

I don’t really ever talk about work life, but one of the things I dedicate a bunch of my “free” time to is coaching track and field. I coach all of the throws events for the boys and girls at my school. It is something that I enjoy for the most part. I wish I had more riding time, but this gives me great ins with the kids and administration. The only time I do not like track is when it takes me away from my family and races/events that I really want to do.

When the Maypril Fools race was put on the schedule this year, I knew there was going to be a conflict with my schedule, but I was convinced that I could work out because the track meet and the race should only overlap by like an hour or so.

I made arrangements with Mrs. Surlyrider to go and pick up my spokecard and manifest since she was going to be near the start anyway. She made sure that it was at the house so I could pick it up which is really sweet of her.

That was all fine and good, but the officials of the meet seemed to want to drag this thing out as long as they could. For some reason the boys javelin portion of the meet was dragging along like a ship with the anchor still down. I actually went to my car and did a Superman change into my bike clothes to not waste time later. I just put my coaching gear back over it all.

Once the meet finally ended, I was off in a flash only to be thwarted by traffic getting home. How ironic…stopped in traffic going to a courier race. Someone was laughing at me somewhere. When I was able to finally make my way back the Casa de Surlyrider, I did a quick scan of the manifest while using the bathroom. Being a courier is all about maximizing effecincy right?

I had on my duds. the bike was ready and I was off. With as much speed and power I could muster, I made it to the closest checkpoint to my place which is about 2.5 miles away. I locked up and started to head in. I reached in my pocket for my manifest and it was no there. You have to be freaking kidding me. Did it blow out? Did I leave it at home? How is this happening? I am already starting the race an hour and a half late…WTF? As I was thinking about it, Captain Fun, the 200 point big prize rode right by me. In a place where I surely would have nabbed him. Ahh….

Back on the steed and headed to the house. I kept an eye out on the street for it, but considering the wind for the day, there was no way this thing was not already 5 blocks from where ever it may have fallen. I made it back to the house pretty quickly only to find the manifest under my front door. Everything for a reason right? Right?

With my previously selected stop now closed, I had to find a new one. I made a map while riding. I rode past a bike shop that was a dummy stop. I then headed on to the next one I knew of. I got there and missed all of my basketball shots so I earned 25 points and I was on to the next stop. I made it through the traffic and rode in ways I normally would never ride to get some extra points. Hit the bra store and got the price. Off to the next stop after a wrong way ride up Chestnut St. Thank God there was bad traffic. I started heading west as soon as I could to Ionic St where I picked up the next clue. Considering the manifest turn in time was only 30 minutes long, I decided to head up there to avoid any issues. I am glad that the after party as in a bar at the top of a hill. It made sure that everyone got to climb.

Not mine, but anything cold would have been good.

I was going so fast trying to to waste any energy on the climb that I totally rode right past the place. Sweating and panting I made it to the top of the steps where Ro and Loud Steve met me with a drink already chilling. It seems as if I was one of the first to turn their manifest in. I guess without doing much it was a small victory that I dropped off in time.

The rest of my Brutaltron brethren were somewhere out in the city committing multiple felonies and exceeding the limit of drunk members of a group ride as is permitted in the alley cat rulebook, but they had more fun than ten barrels of monkeys. After some time hanging out with the others and watching people roll in. The boys in blue made it. I am surprised the other boys in blue were not involved. With antics such as drinking cows blood and making the most of a block party, everyone was in rare form.

Not a bad way to get down Brutaltron


While waiting for the scores to be counted, we hung out on the street and enjoyed the beautiful weather while working on recruiting new b-tron member and making the folks on campus for graduation weekend very uncomfortable.

Calling the girlfriend

Ralph convinced some poor soul to shotgun a drink that spent the day in his bag. For the lack of brains or self respect that was required for that feat, he will be added to the rolls of brutaltron members. He drunkenly called his girlfriend to tell him he is in a new club. He spent the rest of the time apologizing for being late and hammered. Perfect recruit!

Enough with the harassment of the folks of West Philly. It was time for awards and some hangout time with Mrs. Surlyrider and the crew. The handouts went over 20 deep with prizes from Arnett, Fabric Horse, Velocity, RE Load, Print Liberation, Awesome Dudes Printing, Depot, Bilenky and others, everyone got some cool stuff.

Top Woman

Top Male

The top woman and top male performers both got a RE Load bag with a whole bunch of goodies inside. The top two ended up with some Fuzzy Built wheels donated by velocity. It seems like the way to win the race is to catch captain fun. With a big point jump like that, it is hard to argue with that. Bilenky ran a contest at their checkpoint where you had to guess the number of peanuts in the jar. The closest person would get a white Brooks saddle. Since Bilenky is the only authorized Brooks repair shop in the US, that is only fitting. Bruce from DC brought home one of the sweetest saddles I have ever laid eyes on. Seems that Simon likes it as well. With all of the awards given out for the fastest rider. The bike messenger world version of the best sportsmanship award was given out to the best rider who came, had fun and hung with the Brutaltron guys for the day. He did end up with a sweet trophy and a couple of prizes as well. Of course the Brutaltroners ended up with the team award. Too bad there were not more of us there to accept it, but it is an honor to be awarded with the prize named after you. Just call us team Lombardi.

The ride back across the city was super sweet. I am getting more and more familiar with the way this bike is set up. It is more or less a mountain cargo bike that handles like a road bike. It is so fast and the upright position really helps me see everything coming and still make the moves that I need to. As for the track meet, our girls team won the league title, one of my athletes was awarded female field performer of the meet. We also got all #1 places in the girls throwing events and number two in boys jav with a personal record of his. That made the late start totally worth it.

Thanks to RELoad, all of the check point folks, Rachel for setting up the party spot and DJing along with Marbar for letting us hang out in their ultra swanky place. Can’t wait for next year!

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  1. Patricia says:

    Sounds like a well spent day!

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