This week in Philly Cycling

With most of the region looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend also known as the great South Philly migration to their shore haus, it seems like the Philly cycling calender is wide open this week. There is not much going on that is organized, but with bike to work month winding down and the last few crazy weeks we have had and the plethora of events to come, it will be nice to just cruise around the block, city, county, or region.
If you are looking for some new parts after your ride around town, you can now search the bible that most of your shops rely on for their goodies. Quality Bike Products (QBP) have put their 1,600 page catalog up on the site for you to look through. Shops have kept these books closely guarded secrets for a long time, but now you can walk in and tell your LBS you are looking for purple nipples, your shop rat will be much happier if you could tell them that you are looking for SP7007. That just makes the conversation a bit less awkward.

As always, remember that if there is anything you have going on that is Philadelphia cycling related, let me know and I will put it up here.


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