Philadelphia Bicycle Expo

If you find yourself in the area of 22nd and the parkway in the next week or so, pop on over to Moore College of Art to scope out the front window. There are some bikes from Engin, Belinky, and Chris Wright along with work from RELoad Bags and Fabric Horse. The window serves as a gallery exposition as well as a big ad for the the Philadelphia Bicycle Expo (PBE). The PBE is coming to haunt you on this years Halloween Weekend and I will post more about this event as we get some more details, but I can say that with planned fashion show,seminars, workshops, demos, a swap meet, food, drinks, a Halloween party and some large and small bike manufactures The Exposition will be a great way to show off Philadelphia cycling. It will serve to show how great our city is for cycling.

When I was over there it seemed as there was some work still going on. I must have just missed Ms. Molly who is setting some of this stuff up and taking the reigns as the lead on the bike fashion show at the PBE.

The mini Expo will be up for the next week or so just enough time to check it out before the CoreStates, I mean the First Union, I mean the Wachovia, I mean the TDBank race coming up on June 6th.


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