Sit with me at the Ballgame

I have two charities that are very close to my heart and I want to support them at all times. I figured out that you could totally help me with this venture. No matter what Floyd says about him and my with my personal feelings aside, I 100% support the LIVESTRONG foundation. I feel that these folks get it and I think cancer really sucks like really sucks, so I try to raise some money for these folks then proceed to fill up some space suffering on the road at the LIVESTRONG challanges.

I also wholly support Kristin and her Gearing Up! girls. A group of dedicated volunteers that works with women by whatever circumstance find themselves at the margins of society and through the power of the peddled bicycle help them reshape their lives is worth my support.

So…how can you find yourself sitting next to me at a baseball game? Why would you want to? Actually you don’t even have to see me or say hi or anything, but if you want to sit next to me, you are welcome. Mrs. Surlyrider gets to pick what ever side she wants to sit on first. I am only so much man you know. For your donation of $5 to my LIVESTRONG page, you will be entered for a chance to win a seat next to me at the Marlins Vs. Phils game on September 7th down at the ball park. The Gearing Up! ladies and quite a few others are all going to head out for a night of cheering on our National League Champs. If you want to buy your own stinkin ticket and sit with anyone else, go for it by clicking here. If you want to drop $5 for a chance at some Fall ball and me spilling some Diet Coke on your lap, click here. Remember ever $5 donated gets you another chance. Not a bad deal eh?


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