To Top It all Off…

Yes Please

…You need a new hat. Tomorrow is the official launch of the new Rothera Cap website. Gary who just so happens to share a last name with his cycling cap line is excited to launch his global presence and really get started rebuild his dream company. From a unemployed former office cube dweller to a self taught sewing machine jockey, this South Philly resident is making a mark on the niche custom cycling cap market. With a trip to the 2009 Tour de France and poor construction of cycling caps to credit for his his venture, Gary set off to make the finest French inspired custom cycling caps and from here it looks like he has a great start. You can select from summer, winter, and kids styles or even go all out and pick up a custom cap. Check out the gallery page and his store page for more great styles and designs. Gary Ships all over and takes Paypal, so it should make your ordering as easy as pie.For more info, email Gary.

As someone who has recently rediscovered wearing cycling caps after being introduced to some top notch ones, I am excited to have another option for my abnormally huge head. Keep checking back here for a review in the near future.Maybe we can have Gary make the new summer Brutaltron hats!

BTW…my birthday is next week…I have a big head and I like all sorts of colors. I promise to send you pictures of my in the hat for some new headgear. Just sayin…


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