This week in Philly Cycling.

Usually this post comes out on Monday morning, but since I know that the majority of you were soaking in the rays or riding along, I figured we will act as if Tuesday is Monday.

This is the week that a good portion of the cycling world will turn it’s eye toward our little ‘burg looking for a good, clean, classic race. I don’t know how it will compare with the Stanley Cup fever, but I am sure there are enough bike events to keep our eyes on the road or trail.

For the dirt minded, the PBMA monthly meeting is going on at the Ugly Moose on Wednesday, June, 2nd. Come out to hear what the deal is on the local trails as well as some stories and photos from the crew that is out in Colorado and Utah as of yesterday.

Bike Therapy will have a chance to meet with some of the pros that are going to be turning themselves inside out on “The Wall” on sunday. You could come and meet folks from Vera Bradely womans team, and oogle some of the good from Specialized,Sram, Zipp and Orbea. Thee are more details still coming along with this one, so keep an eye here.

On Saturday, the Delaware Trail Spinners’ Annual Poker Run is going off. This is not really Philly, but it is somewhat close and a great time. If you have never done a poker run, this might be a good place to try it out for the first time. You ride checkpoint to checkpoint looking for the best hand of cards. Depending on the way it is done, it could make for some wheeling and dealing for cards. It is generally always a good time. It is a mountain bike ride for riders of all ages and ability levels. It’s not a race, but a fun ride through the heart of beautiful Fair Hill on your choice of well-marked trails from 3-25 miles. Many of the trails will be included in this year’s Fair Hill Classic MTB race In July, so the Poker Run is your first opportunity to pre-ride the course.

There may or may not be a race at midnight on top of “The Wall” Levering street for all of you who don’t know. Those who like to have fun on their bikes in the city usually try to have some great fun with a downhill all out time trial of sorts. Instead of fun and games, the dean of no fun Mayor Nutter sends out the troops to arrest anyone who even goes near the top of Levering at that time. We will see if budget cuts will force the cops to stay home and the fun to go down. Check the video for a clue of how fun this is.

If you are a former paper slinger, you can come and join the rest of the crew up on Lemon Hill at the Courier Family Reunion. Show up there and look for the tall bikes and the tattoos.

By now everyone who knows anything knows that all of the bike shops have a day of amnesty and set up on Lemon Hill to hang out, drink some brews, catch up, and watch some folks suffer on their bike. There have been anything from strippers to full fledged living rooms on the hill. This year proves to be no different. Plus the ladies of Gearing Up are using my old trailer to get a mobile bake sale poppin. There are all sorts of goodies to mix with the Lemon Hill brews.

If you are a white hat, or a “Unker”, go out there and watch the race, we like to keep Lemon Hill dirty. No matter who you are, it is a great weekend in Philly and great for our sport. Get out there and enjoy the race.

If you are looking for some booze, food, and maybe a trip around the race course, why not join Liberty Sports, Miller, and Philadelphia Sports and Social club at their special 400 person VIP tent at the top of the wall. Where else will you have an undending well of beer, some grilled goodies, the best view of the top of the wall, and even somewhere you can sit and eat for a few minutes! Show your support of the race and come party with 399 other folks! Your  $35 VIP ticket includes:

  • All day race viewing (8:30 AM to 3:00 PM) from the tented Top of the Wall
  • Access is limited to VIP ticket holders ONLY, come and go as you please
  • Free buffet including grilled burgers, dogs and chicken plus beer, wine and soda
  • Comfortable table seating under tent or umbrellas
  • Opportunity to ride a lap in the special VIP Mini pace cars and more

Click here to purchase your Top of the Wall Club tickets.

As always if you have something good that is going down this week or in the future, send it off to me and I will put it up.

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