I found my thrill…

There were no blueberries or even lemons, but the bike race on Lemon Hill in Philadelphia is like no other. The whole bike community comes out for a day in the sun to watch the pros suffer on the roads we normally ride. Mrs. Surlyrider and I were accompanied to the race by Mr. Doodle and his offspring.

Travel with the little one involves more planning, but he along with the other characters of Lemon Hill provided plenty of entertainment for the day.

With temperatures in the low 90s and humidity working overtime, it was swamp ass central, but thank god many of the local shops provide plenty of hydration for the masses that populate the popular grassy knoll.

We got there part way through the race and were greeted with stiff winds, and a few tents heading off to the big sporting goods store in the sky. There were at least two or three that tried to take me out by taking flight directly in my path. Next time…ground stakes…they work great.

We got to take in some old war stories over at the courier family reunion, some time in baby land with the b-revs folks and our extra fertile friends, and even some time under the tents of anyone who would have us for a few minutes.

There was the normal smattering of new and old up on the hill including some characters and parts that may have not been intended to make it into this century. There is always a cacophony of bikes up on the hill with everything from top of the line carbon bikes, to downhill rigs and granny bikes. This year I spotted a few cool ones among the masses.

There was a bike race going on with some mighty fine efforts from different teams. I think at one point, Jelly Belly had a 2:30 minute lead on the main chasing group. That is huge! He went hard, but did not quite make it. Later in the race he was helped up the hill by a fellow member of the peloton.

As the race started to wind down, we headed towards the finish which took us further from the car, but with no big screen to check out on the hill and the promise of some cupcakes, we headed down to the parkway.

All of the vendors were packing up and we almost missed our chance at some cupckaes, but our mad dash at the last second was truly worth it for some amazing red velvet cakes. Something about running for cupcakes it 100% wrong, but oh so right!

Between the cupcakes, and the fast laps, I did not make it to the finish line for a shot of the finish, but I did get a bunch of shots of the winner, Matt Goss being wiped down by his handlers and shepherded into the car to get back to the finish line. Why would he get in a car to get back down there? It is a bit strange, but I guess it was supposed to be a victory lap around the parkway.

We had a great day out at race and I am happy that we went there earlier than we normally do and I think I made the right choice by skipping the mountain bike race for the day. Thanks to all of you who make the race possible, but most of all you that make going to the race so much fun. Viva Lemon Hill!


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