Pump It Up

I had a bit of time to kill after some school site visits the other day, and I was looking for some time in the dirt. My ride from Tuesday was cut out by a colossal meeting between my dogs front tooth, the palm of my hand, and a trip to the local ER, so I knew was going to get out on my bike.

The folks of the Hunterdon Valley chapter of JORBA have spent over 400 hours of building, tamping and testing a new pump track in Alexandrea Township and every bit of it shows. The official opening day for the park was just last week (June 5th) and this place is getting more and more dialed in every day.

I dropped into the park with a few middle schoolers who were challenging each other not to pedal at all and were calling each other out on the slightest touch of the pedals. This was great fun to watch and jump in. After a bit, I had this place to myself. That is part of the fun in getting out of work a bit earlier than the rest of the world.

The jumps really flow well, and if it were not for the busted hand and the bit of fairy that still resides deep inside my grey matter, I would have really railed on the berms and jumps. I felt I was going at a pretty good clip, but I still had a hard time not pedaling in the last two jumps on what I called the “typical route”. I think I need some more practice.

I took a few more turns of the joint and kept looking for different routes in and out of the loop and realized that besides the side of the barn, there is really no wrong way to hit this place. Just leave your brakes at home.

Some older locals showed up. These guys really knew this place well as they had put tons of hours in working it over and over. They talked about the expansion that is going to happen in the near future and what some of the future plans are for. There is talk of an extension of the pump track and maybe with some good behavior, a jump line will come along. Lets hope that with good behavior, attendance, and donations, these folks could continue the good thing that they have got going on here.

This park is just a bit east of Frenchtown, NJ and a perfect little side trip from the New Hope/Lambertville area. It is a perfect spot to take all ages to, so if you have kids, here is an alternative way to squeeze in some mountain bike and quality time with the little ones.

There is even a basketball court, swingset/playground and a huge park all around the track. That sounds like a great family day out. There are also helmets on site to borrow on the honor system. The only rule is do not ride it if the track is wet. This will cause some major issues. Don’t be a jerk. The park is free and has plenty of parking.

These folks are looking for some more materials to make sure they can build and maintain the park in the future. They are looking for donations of Home center gift cards, Picnic benches, Weather-resistant Adirondack chairs, Storage shed for tools, Monetary Donations

Donations can be sent to: Jersey Off-Road Bicycle Association, P.O. Box 673, Princeton Junction, NJ 08850 or you can use Pay Pal below*. (Please indicate Alex Pump Track in the memo). *If you would like to make a donation click the Donate button, and you will be directed to a PayPal Page where you can enter a $ amount.

Keep in mind that JORBA is a 501(c)3 charity and your donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law. TaxID 22-3667526

If you want some more info about this place, check the links above or contact Bob Adase.


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