This week in Philly cycling

So we are here with school ending, fathers day approaching and summer really kicking into full gear and some cool stuff going on this week in the world of Philly cycling.

While the season is swinging along, I feel that sometimes the little issues that came about through the spring are now kind of eating away at you. Maybe there is a click in your bike somewhere, maybe your shifting is a bit off, or there is a hot spot in your foot. you should do something about all of that before the summer really gets rocking. You might want to stop by Bike Therapy this week and get fitted for cleats. If you use one of the ever popular Look cleats, you will know that there are three types to pick from. Some folks don’t really know what they are supposed to use, they just go along with what their buddies tell them. That could all be different if you use the ultra high tech Keo cleat positioning system. They use magnets, and some other juju to find out not only what cleat you need, but what is the perfect position for your cleats. Make it your goal to help your positioning this week.

Keswick Cycle has a few deals going on this week as well. You can mention the ad in the back of liberty sports so that you can get an extra 15% off of your purchase. Not that you need one in the summer, but the folks in Cherry Hill and Glenside are offering up 30% off of all in stock trainers. That is like $100 folks. Check it out you will wish you did come December or so.

This Sunday, take your dad out for a ride on the schukill river trail with the folks of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for their the 30th Bike Freedom Valley  ride. You will endure the day riding from Philadelphia’s historic Boathouse Row along the family-friendly Schuylkill River Trail to ride as far as Valley Forge National Park! You can turn around at any point and do not have to go all the way out Valley Forge. There are snacks, sag, and support all along the trail so anyone should feel comfortable doing this ride. You can register for the ride up until midnight on the 19th, so go and do it now! This event supports the Bicycle Coalition’s Complete the Schuylkill River Trail Campaign, a campaign that seeks to complete the nine missing segments to further the extensive trail system.


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